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new software can break dance down

by:Marslite     2019-09-15
The design staff said that Tom simiña\'s computer system can recognize dance movements, synchronize music and lights with performances, and can also be integrated into interactive computer games.
Researchers at Arizona State University have developed the system that recognizes dance movements from normal video clips.
They have previously created a system that uses markers attached to the limbs and joints to track the movements of dancers-a motion analysis technique known as \"motion capture.
\"The use of regular cameras will make interactive dance performances a user-
\"Very friendly,\" said Gang Qian, a member of the research team.
\"It is less invasive because there is no need to place markers on the theme, and conditions such as lighting and clothing can be more flexible.
\"The researchers worked with professional dancers to develop the system, which uses two cameras, one behind the dancer and the other on one side.
\"With two cameras, the system can recognize the dance posture more accurately,\" Qian explained . \".
\"There are many blurry poses when using only one camera.
\"The performer\'s video clip is entered into a computer that removes the background to produce a pair of white-on-
Black outline.
The computer then converts these contours into digital coordinates, which can be compared with 20 modern dance pose libraries already stored in the system.
If the computer statistically finds a match close to it, it indicates that it has found a particular dance action.
In tests involving different dancers, the system is 83% accurate in identifying actions stored in its memory.
Researchers suggest that this may allow it to synchronize background music or stage lights with impromptu dance performances.
Or it can be included in the dance.
Based on computer games.
But Sean Gong, who studies computer recognition of human behavior at Queen Mary\'s University in London, said the system may also have limitations.
\"A question about silhouette --
\"Based on cognition, it relies heavily on opinions,\" he told the New Scientist . \".
\"You need no clutter around, the background is relatively clean, [the same perspective]computer]
Training and final performance.
Dancers may need to be disciplined to ensure that specific movements are recognized, Gong added.
He added: \"But dance may be one of the most challenging sports for humans, and perfecting these systems may lead to the development of new types of entertainment.
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