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new products: ez dj deck and more

by:Marslite     2019-10-15
This week\'s review introduces some innovative technologies
Toys on display at this week\'s toy exhibition.
More than 1,000 companies have shown their youth
Orientation goods at New York\'s annual trade show.
Some science and technology toys can be bought now;
Other products will be available for sale later this year.
As a DJ, EZYou can cycle and mix your favorite music with ez pro dj deck.
Designed to play music through a connected smartphone or tablet, this deck can play two songs at the same time: better yet, thanks to its software, it will mix beats, that way your two choices will complement each other automatically.
Of course, you can also add your own beats and effects.
If you like what you hear, you can record the sound.
The \"turntable\" and audio jack with two speakers and headphones, the deck from Jack Pacific will be sold for about $50 this summer.
Do you want to talk or sing when you mix sounds?
Ez pro dj fx microphone for $20.
Creative at every point?
You can test your creativity with a small circuit.
Board for performing various tasks.
The circuit board is designed to be combined with tiny magnets that allow you to create inventions that perform specific functions, such as glowing, making sounds or sensing pressure.
Teaser kit costs $29 with enough circuitry-
Wooden boards that make pressure-
Control LED bar chart.
Want more choices?
$89 starter kit in 10 colors
Coding modules including buttons, dimmers, pressure sensors, and vibration motors.
Whether there is a phone call or not: the baby has been playing with toys that depend on the mother\'s iPhone before the mother needs the phone. Fisher-
The price solved the problem of apptiagen gym, which is a problem-and without —
IPhone or iPod touch.
When the Apple device is connected to the gym, it can display color patterns, music, family photos, the baby will pull and pat the bird paddle wheel and the Lion car on the attached ball Penguin, frog beads.
The mirror keeps the baby\'s attention when the device is removed.
The gym is designed for babies under 12 months and can be folded when not in use. It costs $35.
The robot ball rolls into various characters as its name implies, and the ball is a ball.
Only this robot ball can interact with your smartphone or tablet.
It has more than 20 applications and offers a lot of options: you can choose the path to it directly
Go straight or round
Turn the tablet in the direction you want.
You can use the ball as a game controller when destroying villains or exploring magical words.
You can even turn it into a basic programming toy.
The robot ball from Orbotix costs about $130. E-
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