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new eu lighting rules would be \'devastating\' to uk\'s entertainment industry

by:Marslite     2019-10-01
The European Union has introduced new lighting rules, which activists say will have a \"devastating\" impact on the British entertainment industry.
Lighting designer Tim Routeledge says if the new rules are implemented,
The future, the theater, the cinema, is dark everywhere.
\"The EU proposes to change the management rules of light sources used in the entertainment industry and negotiate plans to close in May 7.
The eco-design work plan will come into effect on 2020, and it is recommended that only light sources that meet efficiency objectives be used.
This means that lighting in the entertainment industry must comply with the same rules governing industrial lighting in homes and offices.
Mr. Routeledge, a lighting designer at the Olympics, designed lighting for theX Factor 2016 and 2017 live studio performances and finals.
He also took part in the tour with Sam Smith. He said 90-
95% of the equipment used in the recent Sam Smith Tour did not meet the plan.
The lighting designer told the Standard: \"We have used a lot of LED in theaters, pop concerts and TV.
I am referring to every representation, but the new rule states that most of our fixtures do not meet.
He added that the manufacturer is not yet ready to manufacture equipment that complies with the proposed rules.
\"All concert lighting manufacturers say they don\'t have the technology to give us the brightness that the EU wants us to have for the performance within the power consumption range we have.
Mr. Routeledge said: \"If this plan continues, it will affect the quality of the performance.
\"The lights in the show help to create the drama, focus on where you should see, action, excitement, it highlights the show, without that, if you try to perform with a work light, it will be very bare and not very creative.
\"You will never get the same emotion for watching a play or your favorite band.
\"A campaign has now been launched to prevent the implementation of the plan.
Save the stage lamp light movement gained momentum as theaters, including the Sadler Wells Theatre and the National Theatre, Project labels on the side of their buildings.
More than 45,000 people signed a petition to keep the stage lights on, and the campaign urged people to get in touch with their MEP.
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