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national notes

by:Marslite     2019-09-10
On May 9, 1971, this was a digital version of an article in The Times Print File, before it began to be published online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
Please send a report of such issues to archid_feedback @ nytimes. com.
Blackout: The closing of the stage lights to separate the scenes in the play;
In order to prevent air strikes, a period of darkness was enforced.
Wei\'s dictionary made summer films in a simpler era.
Today, for residents in New Jersey, New York, peak summer demand has triggered another scene of power outages.
Last week, some cautious optimism was hedged in the short term --
And the propaganda of high hopes for the next few years.
The New York State Electric Power Authority reports the flow of Niagara and St.
The Lawrence river project looks \"as good as last summer, maybe better.
\"This means that some additional hydro power will help meet the peak demand in New York City as the air conditioning era comes.
The authority also announced initial plans to build a new million kilowatts of pumped storage power station in Schoharie County, 100 miles north of Manhattan;
The target operating date is 1977.
Of course, Edison\'s problem with the provision of electricity is largely due to the opposition of local residents to the construction of such facilities in their jurisdiction.
Officials in Schoharie County are really forming.
\"We are absolutely against this,\" he said.
Meanwhile, officials at New Jersey public service Power and Gas said they were \"cautiously optimistic\" about their ability to meet the demand for electricity in hot weather along the Hudson River \".
They say the power pool this year is \"better\" than last year \".
Advertising the Jersey version of the \"brighter future\" takes the form of an announcement that the company is considering building at least two nuclear power stations --
Somewhere on the Jersey coast.
According to the company, the facilities could be put into use ten years ago.
Senate Minority party leader Hugh Scott said last week that a brave senator would vote against the bill as elections approached and women\'s freedom movement became rampant.
Measures with problems
With the approval of the Rules Committee, it will arrive in the Senate --
Girls are allowed to be appointed as pages, the exclusive province of 30 boys per year since its establishment in 1829, aged between 14 and 17.
The rules committee includes a request for any senator to appoint a girl\'s page
Jacob Javitz, Charles Percy and Fred Harris said they would-
She must be held responsible for the safety and transportation to and from the Capitol until a dormitory and Page School can be built, which may take quite a long time, and what the budget considers is what they are.
However, the security factor may not be a big problem: the boy page has volunteered to act as an escort.
Men wear dark suits, white shirts, black ties and shoes, but women are not sure what to wear. Robert G.
Sergeant Duffy, who is in charge of drafting the regulations, said: \"I think the ladies now call it something like pants or skirts.
\"We were lucky to have something in the spring air in Birmingham, Alabama, besides the scent of Magnolia. , these days.
For a whole week last month, residents saw their world through scorching, dizzying smoke --
Pollution experts told them last week how bad the situation was.
On April 20, Birmingham recorded the highest reading of 607 micrograms of solid matter per cubic meter of air.
By federal standards, when people with heart and respiratory diseases should leave the street, it is more than three times the so-called critical level.
Statistics compiled last week by the federal and local pollution agencies made it clear that people in Birmingham have suffered the expected impact --
Cough or discomfort in throat and chest, eye irritation, shortness of breath.
Of the 2,900 citizens surveyed, nearly complained about the disease.
It was more than three times the rate of symptoms previously registered in uncontaminated urban areas.
With the help of some popular rain, the dirty air finally dissipated and the real storm broke out.
Many factories and factories in Birmingham are sincerely committed to working to reduce their contribution to smog.
But Alabama Attorney General Bill bacley filed a state court lawsuit against 13 large companies in Birmingham, accusing them of polluting the air and endangering the lives of citizens.
The proposed federal standard will ban reading more than 260 micrograms more than one day a year.
Birmingham\'s figure exceeded 41 times last year.
\"We are lucky this time,\" said an angry citizen . \"
\"No death reports.
But what about next time?
Color has shaped the Spirit of 76 years: courage, persistence, fearlessness
But not in Philadelphia last week.
After four years of planning, lobbying and spending of $2. 5million . . .
After defeating other candidate cities, President Nixon was designated as the host of the Expo to mark the 200 anniversary of the nation\'s birth. . .
The steering committee of Philadelphia double century has been a success.
The Commission\'s recommendation is to cancel the World Expo, which was originally scheduled to take place in the city.
The reason for this is that the site is not supported by the community and lacks adequate federal and local funding guarantees.
All hope for the expo that the International Exhibition Bureau has approved has not been lost.
Some city officials have continued to support the project, and some have even speculated that the dramatic action of the Commission may be a lack of strategies to stimulate community enthusiasm so far.
The question at hand is whether cities that have lost in the Expo competition will speed up re-entry to the list. En Garde!
Mercury entering the human body can destroy the cells of the brain, cause tremor and oral ulcers, produce birth defects, and cause kidney and nervous system diseases.
Last week, the Food and Drug Administration announced that 95 of all tested samples of swordfish exceeded the safety level of mercury.
F. Americans. D. A.
The swordfish should be scolded.
What about those who live on swordfish?
The Small Business Administration has announced that shipowners, processors and distributors in the industry are now eligible for financial disaster loans.
Soul Sola riddle: Why is it so frustrating when the soul is soaring?
The answer: last week, Governor Rockefeller signed a bill requiring all retailers in the state to sell alcohol at least 12 cents higher than wholesale prices, starting in July 4.
Seven years ago, in 1964, the legislature and the governor jointly enacted a bill to remove the minimum liquor price and allow stores to sell spirits at whatever price they want.
One result is a surge in new liquor stores in the state --
From 4,232 in 1964 to 5,454 in 1968.
Another result of the enthusiastic welcome from consumers is the implementation of \"weekly specials\" at large liquor discount stores --
Popular brands are sold at near wholesale prices: \"specials\" really infuriated the trade group metropolitan packaging Store Association, which consists of small retailers.
The group claims that the liquor stores on the corner of \"mom and pop\" cannot meet such competition and are being ousted.
It noted that the number of liquor stores has dropped by 350 in the past two years.
The legislature has passed two minimum price bills since 1964, but each time
Rockefeller vetoed them.
A spokesman said he signed the deal this time because there was evidence that small retailers had been kicked out of the business --
Although the State Liquor Authority objected to the bill in a report to the governor, the bill was considered \"a way to eliminate price competition \".
As a result, consumers bought a good bottle of Scotch whisky from the discount store for $7.
00 will pay at least $7.
Independence Day is here.
A version of the file was printed on page E4 of The New York edition on May 9, 1971 with the title: national notes.
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