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nananne porcher, 78, lighting designer

by:Marslite     2019-12-25
On Sunday, Jennifer Dunning, a theater lighting designer and theater design consultant, died 23 and 2001 South Anne Pocher.
She is 78 years old and lives in sitesbury.
Marion Kinsela, her companion, said the reason was cancer. Ms.
Pocher is known for her work in dance.
She is the stage manager and technical director of Martha Graham, Jose Limon and the New York City Ballet Company.
She is also the touring lighting designer and technical director of the City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre and Jerome Robbins balletS. A.
She is considered the first American stage manager to work at the Paris Opera House, the Rome Opera House and the Scala opera house.
She also designed for ballet and opera actors like Rudolf Nuryev, Mikhail barrishnikov, Teresa belganza and Joan Sutherland
She is the main collaborator of opera director Frank cozaro.
In 1970s, helped develop the system to bring together projections from the lighting, film and multimedia works of the New York City Opera and Opera Association in Washington. Ms.
Porcher became president of Jean Rosenthal Associates in 1976.
Both Rosenthal and the successful osprey design company are specialized in designing technical systems for the theater. She and Ms.
Kinsella has served as a consultant for projects including theater, opera house and small community theater, and Niagara Falls lighting.
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A version of this obituary;
The biography was printed on page A00011 of the National edition in June 23, 2001 and is titled: Nananne Porcher, a 78-year-old lighting designer.
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