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nac offers a backstage pass for 50th birthday

by:Marslite     2019-10-09
On June 2, 1969, the first performance of the National Art Center kicked off.
Today, fifty years later, visitors are welcome to step out of the foot lights, peek behind the scenes and enjoy a beautiful moment in the spotlight.
And it\'s free.
Here are some things that visitors may see.
The view from the central stage provides an awesome view that allows more than 2,000 viewers to see the feeling of the show.
Visitors will have the opportunity to stand on the podium and wave the baton.
Dragon souvenir
The theater works on the walls of the beautiful shops of the Americas typhoon view.
On Sunday, the space will be filled with Marquette from previous works --
As well as the stage hand and crew who put the scenery and props together.
Walk behind-
Stage corridor and Hall of Fame-
Over the past 50 years, hundreds of bright-eyed head photos have been signed by stars playing the American platform.
This rare photo was signed by five original members of Monty Python, who are Terry Jones, Eric Ryder, Graham Chapman, Michael Parin and John ·
The journey to the tech store reveals how theater magic has really been created.
Demonstrations of lighting and sound effects, as well as performances and circus workshops will be held on the 10th at station of America. m to 4 p. m. on Sunday.
\"If you want to perform at American Taiwan, this is your chance,\" said event organizer Chris dilloff . \".
\"We have a choir workshop, two dance workshops.
If you want to be an actor, we have a show all day . \"
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