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by:Marslite     2019-10-01
Houston, there\'s something wrong with her.
A record company news official said the stage lights were flashing;
The star later said that her voice had \"technical difficulties \".
For whatever reason, Whitney Houston was 50 minutes late for the first British concert in five years.
To make matters worse, she gave up two songs to make up for the lost time, but she kept two songs sung by her brother Gary and the singer she supported.
Fans of the bar left.
The woman they paid £ 40 to see was out on stage for more than an hour.
So it\'s strange to announce the concert as a victory, but if I, a Houston skeptic, win, that must be the case.
When the show finally starts, it seems that all my prejudices will prove to be correct.
\"Get It Back\" is a grim little r \'n B shuffle with little help from the four dancers in Houston who decided for their own reasons to skip the violin and wear a Venetian mask
At the same time, the heroine showed off on the floor --sweeping, fake-
Fur pink Dolce & Gabbana coat.
But when Houston took off his coat, the show began.
She never had to worry about tripping over again, she did a relaxed, intimate performance, and the sudden smile and hoarse laughter surprised us and made a chatter about the shouts of the audience
Unless she is a better actress than her film, she will convince you that she enjoys herself. I was surprised.
Personally, I \'ve always thought Houston was an Android: her perfect figure was designed by a computer, her creamy skin was molded in plastic, and one was hidden in her
For years, even though she was beautiful, she was as sexy as a Kenwood blender --
And quite a few emotions.
But on Thursday, she seemed to have gone through a puppet adventure.
Like a human transformation.
Looks like it may be over.
Generously banqueting the entertainer for her tapping her feet or leaning against the piano, but in the world of lipswobbling power-
Balladers, this spontaneity is as unexpected as a potential Tory prime minister came out of the closet.
For example, at a concert in Celine Dion, her head was rehearsed every time she tilted.
By contrast, Houston wisely left the choreographed movements to the dancers.
While they hurried through some of the routines that belonged between a lapdancing club and a cardio class, their boss replaced them with flirting and jokes.
Her young band also seems to be flesh and blood, not the conversational robot I imagined.
The fast, funky percussion instrument gave the \"My love is love\" foot, which is not on the record. Boogie-
Woogie piano did the same thing in the tricky guitar solo \"I go to rock\" and \"How can I know.
Even the terrible \"I will love you forever\" is almost underestimated, with Houston accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a piano.
\"Oh God, it takes a lot of breathing to sing that song,\" she later collapsed.
It is worth noting that she did sing the song instead of just using it to show her throat acrobatics.
Maybe her new respect for a tune
There\'s a new screech in her voice.
It can be included in the \"technical difficulty\" of the evening \".
If so, she should eat it once more.
Recently, more
Millionaires try to reshape themselves as a street girlin-the-hood.
She was misled: Houston is not Laurel Hill, even if she is apparently on her way to Laurel Hill --
\"My Love Is Your Love\" dress party in the video.
However, there seems to be a more dramatic shift on Thursday.
One day in the near future, Houston may no longer be just a vocal technician.
She might be a soul singer.
Gang Starr\'s sales record in ten years may be less than Whitney Houston\'s sales record in a week, but the highly respected New York duo\'s 10 th anniversary, Full Clip, is still oneFew hip-
Hop acts has been working hard for ade in December.
Almost no one has released five consistent albums, each with no sample of bees.
Gangster stars make raw materials, hip hop at the grass-roots level
Jump but strive for innovation in their own
Boundary imposed
Christopher \"Prime Minister\" Martin\'s work is always very musical, often moving at a pace of walking and incorporating the fingers
Click on brass and bass from his jazz record collection.
The lyrics of Keith \"guru\" Iram are quite different from the violence, misogyny, paranoid fantasies of his peers.
Instead, he tells a moral, intelligent story, even if he records the same world as Uziand-Ho brigade.
The name of Gang Starr may have two Rs from gangsta, and the complete fragment may be the gun term, but for example \"tonz\'o\' Gunz\" and \"all 4 Tha Ca $ h most gangster rappers should shuffle Adidas sneakers in shame.
As Guru said in discipline, \"I breathe life, not promote death in my songs.
\"It reminds us of another thing: in the record of Starr record, each word is easily recognizable.
This is also a very rare achievement. . .
That made Wednesday\'s gang performance even more disappointing.
This reminds me why I haven\'t reviewed a lot of trendy things. hop concerts.
In addition to the Astoria hotel being converted into a sauna, rap and backing are twisted, heavy rackets.
Of course, if every language is not understood, then there is a problem with the media based on the language.
There are not many ways of visual compensation.
Guru\'s performance began and ended with him and his three companions fiddling with the microphone on a bare stage.
Given the number of times guru told us that he and his prime minister were \"Kings of the ground\", I think the original show was the way he was loyal to the streets.
This is not an excuse.
It\'s not a street. It\'s a concert venue.
Whitney Houston: NEC, Birmingham tonight;
Wembley Arena, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
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