mum does prama: in search of the perfect workout ... with my kids in tow

by:Marslite     2019-08-31
What is the most effective way for parents to exercise?
A child of four and six years old, a dog, a husband and a full child
This is a question I often ask myself.
Should I train for the marathon? Join a gym?
Take a weightlifting class at work, where I risk having to chat with my colleagues?
Considering time, cost, quality of exercise and fun, I \'ve been testing the best things out there to save you time.
I started with the disco lights in Prama. LED-
Led aerobic fitness circuit in general.
Prama started in Spain by a manufacturer of vinyl flooring (
I will talk about this soon).
Its first branch in the UK is the Harbour Club in Kensington, but will soon be available at David Lloyd\'s stadium.
Each class lasts 45 minutes.
I am a mother who used to make my toddler the only adult in the worldparticipation-
Must take dance class
Over the past few weeks, we had a bear hunting activity through oozing mud and grass;
This is a few hours of commentary dance at the beautiful Rambert Contemporary Dance Company on the south bank and I will never come back.
When a child\'s head hits my daughter\'s lips, I cheer inside: there is a small amount of blood that we can stop moving forward.
Still, I\'m a 2-for-
1, so I was curious when I read about the exercise done for children and parents.
After all, think about childcare savings.
Think about the tired young people who will sleep happily on the ground afterwards.
Prama is an LED light interactive system embedded on floors and gym walls.
This was invented by a Spanish gym flooring company called Pavigym, a bit like an arcade dance game where you have to press the lighting button: different workstations ask you to do different things, illuminate the road by flashing LEDs.
Add your child and the beating bass vibration to the mix and the message is: you are attending a children\'s birthday party.
The exercise consists of a series of circuits: in one circuit, you and your child partner pass two balls back and forth, one bouncing and one throwing at the same time. More high-
Technical challenges include stepping on the circle when lit, or stepping on the circle quicklyfoot dance-off.
Group stretching and resilient aerobic training led by a passionate coach broke the track.
Both of my children find it very interesting to exercise with their parents.
The tour brought a delightful competitor: While my husband and I had better skills, the children were able to jump off the house happily when we gasped awkwardly behind them. The nightclub-
Katie Perry\'s music in the background is inspiring. Children 4 years old
I will love this one.
Their parents will be brave enough to endure the situation and know that they have spent precious time home and you can\'t pay for it.
You want to encourage your child to be healthy and/or you can\'t find childcare.
Let\'s pause and talk about the bottom of the basin.
When toddler likes to bounce like a kangaroo, their mother is less willing to do so, especially because, if you have a baby, you may find
The effects of jumping remind you of the weakness of the pelvic floor muscles.
Prama exercise does not help with this and may make you sad about the days when bladder control is better.
Only members of Kensington Harbour club can attend the Prama class.
Basic membership for adults is 165 per person per month (
150 per person if you are a couple);
Children aged 0
Pay £ 50 per month;
Children aged 1618 pay £135.
This is not a course that will completely change your six states. pack.
On the other hand, I sweated and laughed a lot more than I usually do at the gym.
But then I was not sad at all.
This is not so much a serious exercise as a push for sle.
Still, a month has passed and my son hasn\'t asked for a week back yet.
Other sports opportunities shared by parents and children are rare.
While this should not replace the exercise of the parents, or actually the children\'s football team, it is the usual collective activity of my family: a lovely alternative to eating.
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