muddy bodies and dusty beauty in deborah colker’s ‘dog without feathers’

by:Marslite     2019-09-16
Mud has never been as dazzling as in \"Dog Without Feathers\"
Capture the rough minute dance
Beautiful and rich natural life in the Brazilian River area.
The visually eye-catching work, performed by Rio-based top dansa Deborah colke, opens on Thursday night at the Kennedy Center eisentheater Theatre and will
It\'s no use wondering why a dog has no feathers.
You will never find out
The name of the work is the translation of \"c Sem Plumas\", which is the title of a poem by the respected Brazilian João Cabral, he wrote about people living in the muddy and mangrove forests along the kapibarabbe River in the northeastern state of Burnham.
The poem is only briefly quoted in the dance works, with sound
In reciting some verses that seem to have lost a lot in translation. No matter.
Colker\'s fascination with the rugged landscape continues the dance.
Her work itself is a poem in which images and metaphors flow together in a dreamy state. Black-and-
The white video projection and photography of the area amplify the high contrast, in which case the mud is baked into a cracked geometry
An airplane with a pattern or submerged into a sticky substance.
The warm golden stage lights make dancers glow almost naked, although their skin is matte, dusty and stained with dirt.
Texture play is one of the main pleasures of the evening.
As we expect from our past visit to Corker, the dancers are very charming, with elastic rubber-like elegance that can burst into acrobatics all of a sudden.
They clapped their hands and a dust rose against the lights.
Sometimes, an elegant bird man, dressed in ballerina\'s pointed shoes, held among them, evokes the arrival of the herons.
Elsewhere, dancers rise from the dust like Adam to form a giant, choppy crab.
One scene becomes another.
The sound mixes lively rhythms and sometimes appears too harsh, like the music recorded in Eisenhower.
The \"Dog Without Feathers\" unfolds in eight parts, but it has an invisible quality and in the end it begins to feel rambling.
You can say that this is the echo of the kapibarabbe river and keep rolling.
But without changing the rhythm or variety, even the most fascinating moves will eventually lose traction.
Deborah Corker performs \"C Cosmo Sem Plumas (
Dog Without Feathers)
Until Saturday, at the Addison theater in the Kennedy Center. 202-467-4600 or Kennedycenter. org.
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