mosienko lanes a modern, upbeat facility

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Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 6/1/2015 (1669 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Alex Covey, Steve Stasiuk bill (Shorty)
Naften and the rest of the elderly may be surprised by some of the changes that have taken place inside Billy mosiko bowling alley, which is located around the corner of Main Street and Redwood Avenue.
The portraits of the three gentlemen and the other six gentlemen are arranged on the wall of North End five.
The pin facilities under the title, the perfect celebrity game wall.
The perfect game. a 450 score)
Bowled years ago.
The most recent was in 1986.
People also want to know Billy Mosienko, the original owner of the Chicago Black Hawk team)1921-1994)—
Who has the record of the fastest scoring three goals in NHL history (
1952 games against the New York Rangers for 21 seconds)—would say.
But times have changed, \"This is not your grandma\'s bowling alley,\" said a brochure on the snack counter at the front desk.
Disco lights, black lights and runway lights, plus heart-
Pounding music played live by the bowling music network in Southern Ontario has helped attract younger people into the industry in the past few years, and owner Jason Britton says his family, it also owns the college bowling alley and the College West Arena, and bought the Mosienko arena a few years ago.
\"In our cosmic events, our bowling alley shines even in the dark,\" he added . \" He noted that he has 10 full-time and part-time employees.
\"At Mosienko Lanes we have a lot of bowling leagues to choose from and great birthday parties and specials throughout the week.
Our banquet and party rooms are large enough to accommodate up to 40 people for meals, meetings or speeches after you go bowling.
We also have a large parking lot for a lot of people.
\"During a recent visit, a total of 75 children and their teachers from Machray Primary School and Champlain School were on a year-end field trip in the driveway.
Nicole McFerran, Champlain\'s teacher, said: \"It\'s not far from our school. They are easy-going here . \" Her excited fourth and fifth grade students were walking around.
Britton mentioned that leagues like Winnipeg\'s all-star have been bowling for 60 years on the lane.
\"We are entertainment for family and friends,\" he added . \".
\"People have a good time here.
\"Billy mosiyanko\'s legacy continues on the northern end of Winnipeg.
Martin Zeilig is a community journalist on the north side.
You can contact him at mzeilig @ mymts.
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