more than 500 injured in explosion at taiwan water park party

by:Marslite     2019-09-11
More than 500 young revellers were injured in a terrible fire that tore up a crowded party at an amusement park in the City of New North, shocking Taiwan
After the fire, five people, including the event organizers, were arrested by police for questioning, believed to have been caused by a powder explosion in the air above the crowd.
The authorities immediately launched an investigation into the incident and banned the color powder nationwide, as it was suspected that the powder was ignited due to the heat of the event lighting equipment.
A man carrying an injured person in Taipei (AP)
\"Our initial understanding was that the explosion and fire were caused by powder spray.
This may be because the lights on the stage are too hot, \"said a spokesman for the new North City Fire Department.
After the incident, the number of injuries climbed to 524. after the fire, a total of 419 people were treated in 41 hospitals across the country, of which 194 were seriously injured.
Mao Chi reflects the severity of casualties
Taiwan\'s prime minister Guo told reporters that \"the next few days will be a critical moment for the injured \".
About 1,000 young revellers, many of whom are in their 20 s or 30 s, are wearing swimsuits and gather for colorful Asian parties at Formosa entertainment Coast water park when a fire breaks out near the stage.
Amateur cell phone footage captures scenes of dance and loud music, suddenly turning into panic chaos, and before a big fireball devours the dance floor, the flames ignite in the crowd.
A man attending the party told the local news channel CTI: \"start on the left side of the stage.
At first I thought it was part of the special effects of the party, but then I realized there was a problem and people started screaming and running.
After the fire, the entire venue was in chaos, and hundreds of dazed injured people were placed in inflatable plastic doughnuts as friends collected cooling barrels of water while waiting for emergency service personnel to see them.
Other pictures depict footprints of blood spots leaving the venue, and many injured people suffered severe burns on their limbs and torso, as well as inside the respiratory system, after inhaling the powder, reportedly.
Among the seriously injured were 18-year-old Zhu Li. year-
An old girl who was burned has 80 points in her body.
\"Her whole life is ruined,\" her father cried as President Ma Ying --
Jeou visited the injured at a hospital in Taipei.
Taiwanese were injured in a fire at Formosa Mosha marine park, waiting to be taken to hospital (EPA)
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