mod elegance covers the prince george hotel in downtown halifax

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
Prince George Hotel is only one block from Halifax Castle national historic site, only a few blocks from the port, and a short distance from the bars and restaurants on Argyle Street.
However, this stylish and spacious hotel offers more than just a convenient location to explore the city center.
There is a cool, warm atmosphere, a trendy bar and an excellent restaurant.
Welcome decor: I suspect the Prince George Hotel was named after the British prince who died in a plane crash in 1942, not after the City B. C.
Or the royal toddler who replaces the parent in the photo action.
There is nothing boring about this hotel.
It is perfectly combined with modern elegance and fun feeling to welcome you, with purple pillows in the lobby, printed with a golden frog with an oversized crown.
Clarify the meaning of fitness: a row of cardio machines look out through a huge window at a pizza, donair and sub-store across the street, which may add a bit of motivation to your workout
Down the stairs, you can take a sauna, do a few laps of backstroke while looking out through the huge skylight, or soak in the hot tub, admire the sunshine from the silver sailboat on the wind vane of the nearby building.
Drink a colorful drink: as soon as you walk into the hotel, you will see the rich colors of the horizontal bar.
It\'s right in front, right next to the elevator.
I walked a few times before I realized the color on the wall behind the bar, where the bottles lined up and changed, slowly changing from purple to red to blue. The slo-
The modisco lights are tempting, as are the cocktail lists and chat locals enjoying drinks after work.
Dine on the masterpiece: when you settle down at the Gio restaurant, you will see the hand
The glass on the wall was blown.
The artwork then began to appear on the table.
A small frying pan of West African peanut soup, followed by tempura cauliflower and a baking tray for two people (
Or if your companion is a hungry college student).
I ate grilled scallops and saved enough space to taste banoffee, a masterpiece of banana and toffee, including Dulce de leccomus,
The room had a view: I stayed in a lovely suite with a small living room and comfortable bedroom with TV and plush furniture.
And a big shower.
There are some golden tiles on the floor.
There is also a nice big tub.
I like my scenery and look east.
At the top of the building in the city center, I watched the sun rise, turning the sky pink and the ferry to and from Dartmouth.
Prices range from $159 to $1,000 depending on the season and room or suite.
Jennifer Alford, a guest at the hotel, did not review or approve the story.
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