mix and mingle nights at radisson blu hotel

by:Marslite     2019-10-18
The idea that the hotel has achieved great success during the festival has proven to last for one year, as the Radisson Blu Hotel at Dublin Airport offers local companies and organizations the opportunity to \"mix and match.
The hotel uses this concept as the theme of their Christmas party at the end of 2009, with the idea of holding theme nights for several companies and organizations at the same time and encouraging them to \"mix and match \".
The price-competitive 25 euro night proved to be such a big blow that the idea will continue in 2010.
General manager Ronan Walsh was delighted to welcome so many local companies and received so many wonderful compliments about the new format.
It\'s always a bit daunting to develop a new form for such an event, he says, so many people have a lot of problems.
But I have always believed in the core idea that people always enjoy a well-organized, fun party with delicious food and some quirky ideas.
Ronan is especially grateful to all local businesses, management and all colleagues for their support to the local hotel.
He said: \"We always pay special attention to friends and customers in the surrounding areas and airport campuses and thank them for their generous support to Radisson in 2009.
Ronan, who has now decided to extend these theme party nights to 2010, is now happy to provide individuals with similar party nights, groups or companies that want to boost staff morale, celebrate a special occasion, or just want to have a different party at an affordable and reasonable cost.
Theme party nights during the festival include theme rooms, complete with stunning LED lights, a snow machine, two 10ft movie screens, HB ice cream truck, DJ, post bar and full buffet including Thai, Chinese, Mediterranean and European dishes.
For more information about \"mixed party night of the year\", you can contact Radisson Blu Hotel Dublin Airport at 018446000.
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