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Michael glendage sits in the auditorium at the Donmar Warehouse, a private 250
For the past nine years, he has been running a seating theater, watching an imaginary drama unfold in his mind.
He said that if a play meant something to me and made me know something about myself, then I would look at it and think, \"What would I do in this case?
\"Or\" how would I feel?
\"If I think so,\" he smiles, and then gestures in the empty seats around him, \"then there is a good chance that some of them will think so too.
If, even for a moment, they are doing the same thing as I think, then
There is an important magical connection between the play and the audience.
He said he raised a finger that would be reviewed, \"it\'s there!
What excites me is
One year before his 50 th birthday and 15 years under his belt as artistic director (
Perform five performances at Sheffield\'s crucble Theatre and ten years at London\'s hippest theaterWest-End venue)
Grandpa looks younger than him in jeans and crumpled linen jackets, and his work remains a childlike treat.
When it comes to his upcoming season, which is his last season in East Malaysia, he has little control over his enthusiasm.
Eddie Redmayne said we were working on some design ideas the other day and he actually started jumping up and down and he will be playing Richard II in Grandpa\'s closing at the end of this year.
Looking back at Dorma warehouse\'s new art director, Dorma\'s success Michael glendage interviews Dorma warehouse: season ahead Josie Locke: knowing that this season is one of the best of his last season, grandpa has gone out of his way, and during his tenure he has some of the best things: big stars, smart young people, the best people in England, Stage Masters and future generations.
The opening season is Louis Miller of Schiller, starring Felix Jones.
Then he won the Pulitzer Prize from Eugene O\'Neill in August.
Winning Anna Christie, starring Jude Law and Ruth Wilson, the two most watched stars --
About the Dorma works Hamlet and the streetcar of desire for the past two years.
Select number 20-
The century-American classic Sun Tzu, known for supporting European writers, has a hidden head over his predecessor, Sam Mendes, in Dorma, who likes American playwrights.
John Osborne\'s little-
A known script about a Chinese play
The old lawyer got into madness, starring Douglas Hodge, who has a long-standing connection with Donmar as an actor (
Men and dolls, Collections/Lovers)
And Deputy Director (
Murder in the Cathedral (ridiculous).
As a play, Richard II is the most meaningful person to his grandmother, and he will personally direct.
One of his favorite classics, and his first appearance in Shakespeare (
Working as a teen actor with Hodge at the National Youth Theatre).
Grandpa said that there will be some very obvious things to end my term in King Lear. He was referring to the recent sale.
Charles Spencer of The Daily Telegraph, starring Sir Derek Jacoby, calls it \"the best and most searched I \'ve ever seen \".
\"But there\'s something less obvious about ending a young man\'s drama.
I don\'t want to watch a play about age, ending, or ending.
For me, this is the time to look forward.
The neat and tidy arrangement of this decision is purely the grandeur of the drama alchemist.
Writer Peter Morgan says this clever charm, that drive, that vitality, his play Frost/Nixon is a great Dorma success story, moving to the West End before making a movie.
\"In everything he does, Michael knows how to put on a great show.
Under the leadership of grandpa, Dorma theater has transformed from the highly respected fringe theater he inherited to the glittering international brand.
Not only did he consolidate its status as a house that must have --
But he also secured the future of the theater.
Developed with major collaborators Christopher Oram (
Production Design), Neil Austin (Lighting design)and Adam Cork (sound design)
As an iconic house style, he has been able to take his fine work into the West End, take part in a tour of the British area, and go to Broadway and other places.
In his time, the company has won more than 80 major awards (
Last year, John Logan\'s \"Red\", starring Alfred Molina and Eddie redmeni, had almost swept the board of directors in a Broadway transfer, six of them).
At the same time, Grandpa made unremitting efforts to raise funds (It is estimated to be 2.
5 million a year)
In order to maintain the operation of the theater, we need a reasonable commitment to the fare.
No one is more surprised than grandpa is that things get as good as they are.
He remembered that when I took it from Sam Mendes, he had just won an Oscar.
He is actually the most famous director in the world.
Some of the plays I\'m putting on are up to standard, but none of the others are at all.
There are a lot of bad reviews and a lot of half
I can tell you that the house is full.
But slowly, slowly, I began to find my feet.
I just let my passion lead me and the rest follow me.
I believe that anyone can do this in this life.
My grandmother was born in Yorkshire.
When he was a family, he moved to Cornwall, where his parents opened a candy shop on the Penzance promenade.
It was a happy childhood, if calm, but from a very young age the future of his drama began.
At the age of 16, he set up his own theater studio, and at the age of 17, he became the chief Boy of Penzance Humphrey David grammar school with his early-maturing speech ability.
At the age of 18, he traveled to London to study at the Central Academy of Speech and Drama.
Just then, when his father was killed in an accident, he tasted the tragedy for the first time.
\'We have talked a lot, \'said Peter Morgan. He lost a parent when he was very young.
\"We all agree that the most important thing it leaves you is a feeling of trying to get things done as much as you can.
Michael, he\'s very motivated, but not haunted.
It was a very happy thing for him.
The grandmother knows the meaning of the struggle, though, or perhaps because of this, he is not good at himselfdoubt.
After all, he did not reach a career crisis point until 15 years ago: a failed 34-year-
Old actor, his only hope is to change his career.
At the beginning, everything went well, and as a stage actor, Grandpa won a good reputation for himself, especially in 1989 RSC Othello by Trevor Nunn
But the shift from a promising newcomer to a leader proves his ability.
When he was 31, he found himself doing a 6-
Spent a month in the actor\'s back water, the fifth year in the West End.
Not only is he constantly bankrupt, but he also suffers from mild depression characterized by stage fright.
\'I have been questioning everything,\' he said.
Grandpa has always been interested in the director, and he has convinced Colchester\'s Mercury Theater to get him to try for the first time.
Looking back on their personal and professional experience when they first met to discuss Arthur Miller\'s design for the last Yankee in 1996, Christopher Oram-now grandpa\'s partner, the director described him in no uncertain terms as his \"soulmate\"-remember someone who absolutely knows what he is doing and what he wants to do.
He started the director, but he was not young.
Yes, he has the same wonderful childishness right now, but he is obviously a living person as well.
Even as a new director, he has experience and I believe it is essential for his success.
From that moment on, no one looked back.
In 1999, Grandpa went to the crucble theater in Sheffield with the enthusiasm of someone who found the reason for his excitement to work with Deborah page.
Less than a year after arriving, Page stood down and Grandpa was managing the place.
Five years later, when he left, an auditorium, which was only half at the beginning of his term --
Raf was packed with people.
His 50 spectators, aged between 16 and 26, were drawn to Grandpa\'s irresistible great drama and superstar packaging: Joseph Burns of Edward II, kenneth of Richard III plays Derek Jacoby of Don Carlos
The boy from Cornwall walked a long way. The life-
When he was a teenager, he sat in the audience of the RSC tour \"Twelve Nights\" and felt the changing Joy (
Starring young Ian McClaren)
The Carn Brea leisure center in redrus is still there, but now there is a valid exit.
He explained that there is only one thing you really need to consider as an actor, that is to shape your character.
But as I get older, I \'ve learned that I like to have an overview.
I love the idea that as a director you can inspire a group of people through a shared creative vision to get them to join you and work with you.
Speaking with the roll call of the famous actors who have worked with grandpa over the years-Derek Jacoby, Ian McClaren, Judy Dench Ian mcdimede, Kenneth Brana Michael Xin, margaret Tezak, Jude Law, Penelope Wilton, Ivan McGregor, Kelly Reilly, they will tell you that his greatest strength is compassion for the actors.
Gina McKee said he knew and understood our weaknesses and vanity. McKee currently plays Goneril in King Lear.
The most important thing, says Douglas Hodge, is that he actually likes actors.
He once told me that one of his favorite things is to watch an actor waiting on stage and inspire themselves before they come on stage.
If you\'re an actor on a different lover level, you don\'t feel that way.
It may be precisely because his understanding of the actor is so deep that grandfather-who, according to Jacob, is a \"benign dictator\"-knows when to use a strong one
He will encourage you, said Jude, but he will also be strict.
He\'s like a very good parent.
He lets his kids play, but he also tells them when enough.
Although his rule in Donmar would be remembered for the big name he brought on this little stage, it was a bit irritating (
\"I think you will find that most of the plays I \'ve put on over the last decade are made up of excellent actor companies)
He is also proud of the legacy.
On the practical level, cast-
List star helps him with his gospel mission by encouraging \"as many people as possible\" to go to the theater.
On a personal level, it offers a thrill that he can\'t resist.
\"I like the challenge of breaking the barriers that actor fame may hinder.
Of course, in the first 20 minutes of watching Jude Law play Hamlet or Ivan McGregor play Iago, the audience will think about what their flesh looks like, or what happened in their private life, but at some point, if I did it right, they were doing their job as well, and the audience would interact with them emotionally and intellectually, become the role they are playing.
In the process of casting, Grandpa\'s tenacity has become a legend.
Very good-
Organized by nature, he is known for making tempting calls months in advance (if not years.
He is the most terrible nightmare for agents!
Ruth Wilson laughed.
Not only did he completely exclude them from the process by contacting their clients directly, he also expected his actors, no matter how famous they were, to work at the company\'s salary.
Hodge said he did not think the answer was No.
If there is a common standard in grandmother\'s work, it is their humanity.
He is not an academic talent, says Oram.
He said it is only this extraordinary emotional understanding of what is human.
For Ivan McGregor, when he was the only protagonist in Donmar\'s 2007 edition of Othello who was not nominated for the Olivier Award, he may encounter great trust in his grandfather\'s sensitivity which he will always be grateful.
One night he took me to the back office late after a post
McGregor recalled that I personally told me that I was not nominated.
\"He knows how scared I am about being in this role and he wants the opportunity to talk to me before I read anything in the newspaper.
After nearly 10 years of intense physical, mental and spiritual investment in Dorma, the grandmother was ready to hand control over to Josie Locke, current artistic director of the Bush Theatre in west London, 2000, he was trained as part of the Donmar Resident Assistant Director Program.
\"The Night of announcing that Josie got the job, we went out to dinner to celebrate,\" he recalled with a smile . \".
\"I have to say that my body feels like a different body.
Somehow, I just think . . . . . . Lighter.
\"You can see this from his face,\" said Olan . \"
His whole behavior changed overnight.
For the future, Grandpa said, I like the idea of the unknown.
The best thing is that when it\'s all in front of me, I get my feelings back.
I was as excited as I was.
Like fear.
I always think that fear is positive.
Two New York productions, Don Giovanni of the Metropolitan Opera and Ivy Tower on Broadway, will keep both him and Alan busy until 2012.
In addition, the grandchildren remain cautious.
He is proud of his achievements in Dorma, although he tries his best to point out that without his innovative and backward \"brilliant\" team, it is impossible for him to do sothe-
Scene assistant
The most important thing to make him happy is that somehow, somewhere, his work may have the same life --
With 12 nights of influence on him many years ago, the influence of the audience on young people is changing.
In his memory, there is a special event that stands out, and on this night, the audience of Hamlet is completely composed of non-
Pay students from schools in poor areas of the country.
\'We are fully prepared for a distracted House, \'he said.
\"Most of them have never been to the theater before, but you may hear the sound of the pin falling.
The atmosphere is electric.
You can almost hear some of them decide to be part of the world.
I heard Grandpa ask so clearly and warmly (
\"At this unstable moment in the history of our country, collective, emotional responses to major existential problems in life are more important than ever \")
You can understand why people who have worked with him for years have been motivated to be the best they can be.
Josie Rourke is one of those people, so her ex will inevitably be part of her career --up.
Even though Michael Grande has left the building, most of his will remain.
\"Luise miller\" opened on June 14 (0844-871 7624;
Tangma warehousecom)
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