meet the blond pastor whose church raised £1million in a year and whose members clean his house to \'honour him\', give him 10% of their cash and are \'afraid to leave\' amid claims he has a \'cult following\'

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\"Let\'s do something really cool for God,\" Pastor Jason Kas urged, as he stepped onto an industrial real estate environment in one of Scotland\'s largest cities in a shabby and impoverished area that is unlikely to emerge
The founder of the C7 church, dressed in fashionable jackets and radio microphones, called on his congregation to dig deep and donate.
Behind him, a screen shows his payment method at the time of choice: \"You can pay by credit card, debit card or cash, and you can write a check. . . ’For the 200-or-
Therefore, the young man in service-some cheering for every word of him-has no doubt that his work will be completed only when you fund the work of God.
The Scottish Post attended a C7 ceremony hosted by the charismatic priest on Sunday, proudly declaring himself \"on fire for God \".
However, although the church raised nearly £ 1 million in a year, it still faces charges of using religion to put pressure on volunteers.
Angry former members complained about the way the church works and warned others not to leave.
They claim that the priest asked the people who went to the church to clean and paint his house and hand over ten percent of their income.
Several former Christians say they are \"brainwashed\" and \"exploited\" by a church that operates \"like a cult\", which is inconsistent with the church\'s goal of advancing Christian faith and reducing poverty and difficulties
One of them said: \"I think he can get close to the fate of my soul.
Jason Cask, 46, founded C7 in 2006.
Before he moved to Scotland with his wife Jodi, he was involved in the Mountain Song church in his hometown of Australia, after a prophetic dream of a group of people chanting \"Glasgow! Glasgow!
His church is located in an industrial unit in Possilpark, a poor area in northern Glasgow.
These services-typically three on Sunday-feature a live Christian rock band with a professional stage lamp and a large light --Screen display.
The C7 also operates prayer groups, food banking and leadership training.
Members were asked to donate 10 per cent of their income-also known as tithe plus-The Church has annual fund-raising activities for the sake of the House and for the builders of the kingdom.
The account of the registered charity c7 shows that in 2015/16, its total revenue was 950,000, mainly from donations.
In 2016, Mr. Kas was paid £ 38,100.
Twenty-seven-year-old Lucie Summers, a dance coach at Aberdeen, joined C7 during college in 2010.
\"Everything is modern and attractive,\" she said.
Everyone is very friendly.
I am shy and I am more confident at C7.
After graduating, she began volunteering 40 hours a week at the church, saying: \"It\'s more of a job.
I lost interest in dance.
Whenever I go home to visit my family
In Aberdenshire.
I was always encouraged to go back. . .
I want to please Jason so eagerly-I don\'t want to look like I don\'t love god enough.
She added: \"I don\'t know at all, like\" you guys ,[her family]
You don\'t understand, you don\'t have a kingdom culture, you don\'t understand what I\'m doing, I\'m made up of something different from you \". Horrific.
Even when she was working for free, MS Summers handed over ten percent of her income.
She said: \"I calculated it with the pocket money my mother gave me.
I give 40 a month.
I gave the rent for a month, but it\'s not my money, it\'s my mom\'s money.
\"She decides to leave C7 a few times, but if you leave, you will leave the call of God in your life . \".
After her family confronted her, she finally resigned in 2014.
\"In the end, I can see and hear things clearly,\" she said.
I remember my dad holding me in my arms when I cried hysterically for a few hours.
Another young man who left in last November said: \"Lucy\'s story is very similar to mine.
After leaving, I had to be consulted for six months.
He asked us to paint, decorate and clean in his new house.
\"I have cleaned his bathroom-they convince you that you are respecting and respecting your pastor by doing these things.
A priest who left May this year said: \"If you go tomorrow, you will find the real lovely people.
People around you can live a Christian life there.
But the closer you get to Jason, the more you realize that something is not right.
People are afraid to leave, she said.
When you are told by someone you have listened to for a long time, you will throw away what you have been working on and you will question, \"Is this the right thing to do? ”.
The 31-year-old singer Emma Kaui was from Renfrew and joined the church when she was a student and became a member for five years.
It\'s called C7, she says, because the church should be in your life seven days a week, \"adding:\" Jason put some great ideas in my head.
This is so intoxicating, it is so easy for a young man to fall in love with it.
I\'m like an optimistic puppy running around inside, \"Love Me \".
\"I feel that he can approach the fate of my soul as if he had made a red phone call to God.
I quickly work 60 or 70 hours a week.
She added: \"I went to him as a priest to get some personal information about my relationship.
But he told my boyfriend what I said. I was so hurt.
That was when my C7 bubble burst. \"I feel avoided.
Some of us have come together since we left because the place is so intense that no one else can understand.
I want to warn others.
She sobbed and said, \"I haven\'t finished emotionally.
On Friday, Moss found out that Mr. Cass had a Christmas performance at the church.
When asked about the claims of former members, he said: \"I don\'t think we manage it like a cult.
We believe in Christianity fundamentally.
We do not exploit people.
We give people the freedom to choose what they want to do.
We do not have high expectations in terms of time and volunteering.
We can\'t control, we can\'t control people\'s lives.
If people want to leave, we can give them the freedom to leave.
Mr. Cask admitted that he had asked the volunteers to clean his house and said it was an activity carried out in the \"service.
He said: \"There are people who want to learn more and stay with me more. I teach them how to serve.
It\'s simple, \"Hey, why don\'t you come to my house and help me? ”.
Sometimes I teach services.
I don\'t expect people to do that.
I am serving the church and I am serving them.
It\'s about me helping them advance their lives.
All human beings need to learn the art of service to move their lives forward.
When asked whether to mention it or not, Cass said: \"This is not me, this is the teaching of the Bible.
They don\'t need.
I tell people that generosity will push your life forward and encourage anyone who is generous to open up opportunities for you.
There are many people in the church. I am the leader of the servant.
The bottom line is that we are changing people\'s lives.
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