meet miguel risueño: a creative director merging artistic designs and emerging technologies

by:Marslite     2019-09-06
Some factors such as video and lighting need to be developed and synchronized in order to make the show, but the next task is to make an event stand out from similar events.
Miguel rizzino, creative director, Los Angeles-
Based on the creative studio production Club, art creation and emerging technologies are integrated. The Barcelona-
The born designer Mike808, also known as Mike808, says he has created a \"visual world\" for their performances with artists, including stage design, lighting, video
He integrated these programs with emerging technologies.
Such as augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, computer vision, 3D printing, and parametric design.
Create a unique experience.
In addition to working with music artists, he also leads creative work for meetings, festivals, events and other production club clients.
According to risueino, the production Club was officially established as a company in February 2012, but it really started around May 2011, when he moved to the United States to design the first major tour of Skrillex. The project—
He created the site with two of his business partners, Corey Johnson and vivik srinode
Is displayed with real-created projection mapping
Not only capture motion, but also \"customize\" time video game technologycoded real-time tricks.
\"At this point, risue neo said that his other business partner, Kyle McCarthy, is working in the video game industry and that he will be risue Neo, Johnson and srinock with Marcus Allek.
Creator of the famous indie video game my world
They held a big event for Persson, also known as the \"gap\", which was held at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle.
\"It\'s really the origin of the first big music customer Skrillex and the first big tech customer Notch that led to the creation of a production club in early 2012, so, we can create more amazing things in these two spaces. \"
Some of their other prominent clients include Zhu, Amazon Web Services, DJ Snake, smokers, Intel, Zedd, dead5 5, YouTube games and Martin Gary, Risue said
He said that one of Persson\'s special event production clubs is to take advantage of the world\'s largest inflatable dome, which he noted has never been used in the United States, party in it with Skrillex and DJ Snake.
\"We put the dome on the site of the LA stadium and the projection again draws its entire interior using video game technology,\" he said . \".
When it comes to his creative process, he says the steps to make activities and shows are different.
\"In the show, you work directly with artists, so usually art is their main priority,\" he said . \".
\"There are a lot of other things that work in the event, the functions and the experience of the attendees are the main priorities, as well as any other important artistic needs.
For these two types of creation, the creative process is the first step.
When he worked directly with the artists, he said he would meet with them and start brainstorming, but he always started by listening to their music.
\"When I work with a musician, the first thing I will always do is get the music and repeat it in the dark,\" added Risue ño . \".
\"It always inspires my thoughts or emotions as a starting point.
From there, risuño works alone and thinks about some ideas or directions that can be developed.
He noted that he worked with a multi-disciplinary team to flesh out the ideas and present them in the best format, whether it be sketches, 3D rendering, virtual reality, augmented reality, collage or various other methods.
Once the design is signed, risue said that depending on the project, it may take three to four days or three to four months to create.
\"The production club is more of a multi-disciplinary styling creative studio in the entertainment and tech industries,\" said risuño . \".
\"We have made artists shine on the stage, and the company has the most influential, innovative out-of-the-box experience and special events.
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