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by:Marslite     2019-10-06
Saurabh Shukla\'s various portrayal on the Delhi stage has always been lovingly remembered by the audience, especially his role as Eddie in Arthur Miller\'s see from the bridge;
He then worked well at the National Theatre Academy\'s repertoire company.
Later, when Saurabh joined the Indian film industry, he was also appreciated.
Recently, the magistrate he played in Subhash Kapoor\'s \"happy LLB\" won the national best actor award and was greatly admired.
At Bharat Rang Mahotsav, the \"Burff\", created and directed by him, once again caused a huge response from drama lovers.
In this work, Saurabh\'s efforts tend to dazzle the audience with lighting effects and well-designed sets.
The script is sketchy and the situation is often artificial.
The film makes the audience feel contradictory about what human happiness is.
The play is set in Kashmir, and at the beginning, the two characters trek through the snow-covered valley, and Gulan Rasor implores his companion, Dr. Cowell, to take care of his sick child and let
The doctor, based in London, is a doctor who traveled thousands of miles. attend came to Kashmir to attend a doctor\'s meeting, where his ancestors lived.
A worried Gulampersistently has been pestering him, saying that his child is not in good health and needs medical care.
Dr. Cowell agreed to take care of the child.
At the end of the day they arrived at Gurland\'s residence and mother Sadiya told her husband that the child was sleeping.
The doctor went to the upper floor of the house to check the patient.
When he began to examine his patient, he jumped up with complete disbelief and shouted, \"Where is the patient, this is a doll\", holding it in his hand.
Sadiya said the doctor was killing her child.
As both sides were caught in a heated argument defending their respective positions, the mother frantically ordered her husband to tie the doctor to the chair with a rope, as he would kill her child.
The husband obeyed his wife and apologized to the doctor.
Afraid of Sadiya, the doctor begged Gulam to let him go.
Gulam provided the doctor with the background of the general mental condition of his beloved wife.
At the time of her delivery, her baby died and the doctor told them that she would not be able to get pregnant in the future.
She refused to believe that her new baby was gone.
To please her, Gulan brought her a doll made in China, which had a mechanism to create the illusion that the child was alive, but soon the mechanism stopped working.
Since then, she has been imagining that the child is sleeping.
The doctor told Gulan that his wife was not in good health and that serious mental illness needed treatment.
When the woman finds two men talking about her, she tries to kill the doctor with a dagger.
Besides making-
Believe in the story of dolls, remote hills and villages are haunted by ghosts.
There is only one couple living in the whole village.
Regarding the death of the villagers and the decision of the couple to continue to live in haunted villages, there was no coherent and logical context provided.
There is a certain hole in the narrative.
However, with the help of highly stylized lighting effects and heavy sets, the film succeeded in arousing the atmosphere of ghost village, which proved to be the main source of attraction, distract us from the human element-the performer.
In terms of the information it conveys, there is an unreasonable factor in production.
The doctor at the initial stage advised the husband to have his wife treated instead of aggravating her for a mentally divided illness, but in the end he will do what his husband has been doing to strengthen the morbid illusory world that continues Sadiya\'s life.
As for the background of snow-
The director can use the video projection without disturbing the performance space.
In a rough script, the range of deeply divided characters is not large.
Vinay Pathak, as Dr. Kaul, reveals the despair of a well
It means that the doctor escaped from the death trap of a woman with a mental illness.
Gulan Rasul of Sunier Paval is a character with no backbone.
Gulam\'s wife, Sadiya Siddiqui asNafisa, gave a commendable performance.
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