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In the theater, anything is possible, which is why it is possible to see an elephant running on the aisle, under the leadership of a row of thick-skinned animals --
Or, right behind you, a wall of gazelle heads, staring in the middle with the same detachment --
The distance in the direction of a group of hanging ostriches.
Hang somewhere above 5. 5-
Giraffes and other places (
May be stored in a wonder. case)is a 12-
Mouse in centimeters
Welcome to the stage of the Capitol Theater: The nervous jungle in the inner city jungle
Home to Sydney and The Lion King.
The musical, which is estimated to cost $20 million, is adapted from Walt Disney\'s animated film of the same name, curated by extraordinary designer and director Julie Temer, the most ambitious one, since the big show, expensive performances will be staged in Australia.
In their early 90 s musical, their chandeliers and barricades collapsed every night, twice on Wednesday and Saturday.
The Lion King tells the story of the cub Simba who was exiled after his father\'s death, and he comes back after all sorts of adventures to conquer his uncle and recapture the kingdom.
The universal theme of the victory over opponents, which is told by Elton John\'s music and Tim Rice\'s words, is being formed on stage, as two actors, dangling in the middle
The air is learning to fly, while all aspects of the African prairie rise and fall, appear and disappear on an otherwise inconspicuous Thursday spring morning.
Three weeks before the opening night, the auditorium was packed with at least a dozen production tables covering all aspects of programming such as stage management, hair and makeup
Clothing and wardrobe, puppet supervision, technology (
Lighting, sound, etc)
A special table was prepared for 54 radio microphones worn in the program, and a special table was prepared for the production supervisor.
Computer screens, control panels, keyboards, phones, headphones are everywhere.
Is this a theater or a mission? control?
When the Lion King was open on Thursday, all of these tables, except for a huge technical device --
The one behind the booth will disappear.
It is hoped that the audience will fill the vacancy in the Capitol after the show and ensure that the music will last for at least two years.
The show had been heavily marketed more than a year before the first year --night roars.
The logo is a stylized lion head that can be seen on the side of a bus, poster, Billboard and attached to the roof of most Sydney taxis.
Including Australia, The Lion King has nine works all over the world: Broadway, London, Toronto, Hamburg, Chicago, Tokyo and tours in Japan and the United States.
For a program with a simple story, its technical and economic complexity is so harsh and so expensive that any version
English, German or Japanese-
Even if Disney\'s Magic name is behind it, it\'s a risky business.
In this country, The Lion King is produced by Disney drama. Australia)
Set up for Disney\'s Broadway musical show.
James Thane, managing director of DTP, whose pedigree includes managing the Australian operations of Cameron Mackintosh and Andrew Lloyd Webb, as well as Lloyd Webb\'s standing at a very useful company in London, these are difficult times to attract audiences, which is not a fantasy.
\"It\'s always risky,\" he said . \"
\"You have to re-
Create it every time you go somewhere.
This is not a cookie-
Knife show, but have their own personality.
It is not only arrogant but also stupid to think that it is indestructible.
The Lion King came here with great blood, but we still have to finish our work at the absolute highest level in every area of the show.
It sells well and we are happy but it is a long way to go.
\"Most of the budget --
Thane accidentally said, \"Lion\'s Share\"
Production: clothing, props, puppets, masks, sets, technical equipment.
Except for the 232 puppets made in Canada for all the Lion Kings (
\"You can\'t re-invent the wheel,\" Thane said . \"
All the costumes and scenery are made in Australia.
Bringing the Lion King to Sydney began in December 2001 when Thane looked into its stage position and how much was ahead
It takes time and how to cast it.
One more question.
The producers and creative team must not only find the right actors, but also the actors who can operate, and more importantly, they must be related to the animal\'s self-change.
\"Our casting director will pull the people on the street to audition.
He traveled the whole area.
\"All over the Philippines, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa,\" Thane said . \".
\"This is one of the challenges facing the show.
There are 54 people in the crew, including 4 groups of children.
In the theater, about 150 people are needed for each performance.
There are about 100 to 150 in other areas: ticketing, advertising agents at the Disney office, \"James Seane found it difficult to explain the experience of The Lion King.
Even the musical version of Genesis is curious.
\"On the one hand, it is the image of Disney, on the other hand, the image of Julie Temer, which is definitely a difficult thing for people to understand;
But this is the most inspiring idea imaginable.
\"It\'s also very different from an animated film, which has about a million families in Australia, Thane said.
The film\'s deputy director, Jeff Lee, took me backstage with the enthusiasm of a kid who was relaxing at the toy store. And such toys!
He took off the mask from the shelf.
\"Here, grab a gazelle,\" he said . \"
It has little weight.
It is molded carbon graphite.
The actors are very light-dressed, but they also give them some breathing space.
The same materials were used by military aircraft, Li said.
Continue through the gazelles and elephants
The spine used in the cemetery scene, sharp turns to the left, and then advances into a narrow dressing room parallel to the stage in the background.
Li said another show happened here.
\"After playing a giraffe or a bird or something, the band came out of the stage and had to change the costumes and characters.
Up to 10 to 15 changes per performance.
They have to change clothes and change new clothes.
At the same time, before they return to the stage as others, contribute the voice outside the stage.
\"Every actor has his own space, with costumes, props and shoes, and everything has to be changed if the actor is not there or sick to reflect the size of the underwear.
\"At any time in the background, there are 50 actors, 25 crew members and 18 dressers to achieve this.
\"There is also the problem of puppets.
\"We don\'t hire puppets: we hire dancers, singers, actors, and they have to learn how to express puppets,\" said Jeff Lee . \".
\"You can give a person all the power to put an animal in his hand and he will freeze immediately. No good.
Or you can have a good puppetry who is not a good actor.
\"In the end, the actor who reflects the basic race and technical requirements is the SBS of the performer: from Australia, also from New Zealand, Samoa, Lebanon, South Africa, Brazil, Greece, North America, the UK, China, Japan, Papua New Guinea, South Korea and the Philippines.
\"It helps the atmosphere of the program, which involves different kinds of animals you find in the kingdom,\" Li said . \".
The lion kingdom also has the continuity of family consciousness, spirit and participation.
For example, Jeff Lee, before becoming the deputy director, was initially his stage manager and then his senior supervisor.
He\'s been in charge. with Taymor)
The show was directed in Tokyo, Osaka, London, Toronto and Los Angeles.
After Sydney, he went to Amsterdam to guide the new Dutch production, and then to Toronto to participate in the new cast (
This is the factor of exhaustion, replacing actors on average once a year).
One of the guiding talents behind The Lion King is co-
Michael Curry, designer of masks and puppets.
He designed all the animals with Temer.
They are not traditional puppets, but designed to show as much as possible.
\"You only see what\'s necessary,\" Curry said . \".
\"Everyone is the smallest symbol, so the actor will not be replaced by animals.
They are as many as puppets.
The principal in particular, the actor is part of it, not the skill.
Puppets use hidden actors;
I never did, \"At first, Disney\'s technical miracle brought Curry the temptation to use the sound animal, the eyes and the work were rolling, and the actors were completely taken away.
\"I think the show will be affected,\" he said . \"
\"It must have the original tribal qualities.
Also, the puppet must be real and have a character before the actor uses it.
\"Although the performance is the same no matter where (
Except for language differences)
Curry did see the subtleties from where it was staged.
\"We give actors more freedom,\" he said . \"
\"It makes it more dynamic.
In London, the actors were too content with the story, too analytical.
\"The Lion King will open at the Sydney Capitol Theatre on Thursday.
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