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Hey, time traveler!
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Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
\"Is ABBA big in Canada? \"Ask 20-
When I mentioned that I was from Vancouver, some of the staff at the entrance to the museum.
\"Well, of course,\" I replied.
It\'s hard to find a place for the 1970 disco in Sweden
Given that they have sold nearly 0. 4 billion records worldwide, time Giants are not popular.
A few minutes later, I was even in long-
On May 7, as part of the Swedish New Music Hall of Fame, the long-awaited museum opened in the Swedish capital, Stockholm.
In the part of the ABBA costume, there is a 100-per-
The coat of Cent wool Hudson Bay Company, with a trademark of green, red, yellow and blue stripes.
The \"ABBA Vancouver 79 and Perryscope concert\" is very retro.
\"Now, rock.
From a Vancouver hockey fan\'s point of view, Toronto\'s Maple Leaf jersey
Song author Benny Anderson, who once performed at a Maple Leaf Garden concert, may cause greater disagreement. Yet overall —
Unless you really hate the tacky music of ABBA Lang and don\'t understand why they received it (
Although also refused)a $1-
One billion people proposed to reunite in 2000.
There\'s something for music lovers from 470 countries-square-
Mi Museum located on the island of Djurg * rden city center.
After passing the iconic ABBA logo that decorated their concert stage (
Originally made of light bulbs and tin cans)
This is an introductory film that evokes the band\'s peak.
Disco lights, limo, screaming crowd, hotel rooms, and other images have clips of classic hits like dance queen and Waterloo from time to time.
I got the feeling of \"browsing the old high school yearbook\" in the Folkparken section, which was dedicated to the early years of four band members.
They held 1960 outdoor summer concerts in Sweden.
Beautiful blonde singer Agnetha f-ltskog has a fascinating gap between her black front teethand-
White photo of a teenager who is playing the piano or posing with a bowtie-
Musicians dressed in the bellnhart orchestra.
Brother lead singer Annie-
Lyngst ad looks more self
Have the \'60s pinup glamour. Guitarist-
Song author Bjrn Ulvaeus is shown to play healthy folk music with hutenani singers while Anderson is with \"the craziest pop band in Sweden\" and \"hepatitis Star\"
It is worth noting that the two met in 1966, six years before the official establishment of ABBA.
You can use the audio guide, but I skipped because the text is very good to explain in English.
Visually, the presentation is very interesting.
I volunteered to take a picture of a female tourist sitting on a park bench
Photo of Anderson kissing lyngst ad
The two met on 1969.
Faltskog stared ahead, while Ulvaeus looked curiously through a booklet about antibiotics.
Faltskog and Ulvaeus were married in 1971.
The museum recorded how Swedish national television and radio despised ABBA.
Winger and pro-people-
The \"prog\" band that influenced singing social issues.
But, of course, in April 6, 1974, when they won the European vision award in Brighton with the infectious national anthem Waterloo, the band became invisible.
A huge video screen recreates the excitement of that moment.
The exquisite stereo model reproduces some of the creative hotspots of ABBA\'s heyday.
I appreciate the replica of the polar studio.
It is also known for the Led Zeppelin through the door or the Duke of Genesis and other recordings.
Another diorama depicts Anderson and uravis at the songwriting Lodge in the Stockholm islands.
A simple white piano overlooks the water and seagulls call in the breeze. Nearby, a self-
Playing the piano is related to Anderson\'s real person.
Life piano near Life ppsholmen, so you can hear it if he interferes at home.
As you get deeper into the exhibits, things become more interactive.
I hid in a recording studio where I completely slaughtered people who wanted to win.
Since I have scanned my ticket electronically, my horrible copy can be used (private)
The Internet will be downloaded later.
Thankfully, I did better with what a staff member said was \"the most advanced karaoke machine in the world\", singing \"Mama Mia\" on stage, next to the fun of portraying each band member
I reward myself with a photo
Board the helicopter cockpit that arrived on the cover on 1976.
There are many souvenirs.
There\'s an ABBA ticket for the Apollo theater in Glasgow in 1977 and a gold-
To commemorate the sale of plated cassette tapes by ABBA Best 25,000 in the Netherlands.
I was also dumbfounded on fan mail, trading cards, band dolls and even ABBA Rubik\'s Cube.
Naturally, however, it\'s no better than looking at the ABBA stage costume wrapped in a round gold room.
From Faltskog\'s trademark white jumpsuit to the emerald green dress of lyngst ad, from \"everything is said, made video\", it\'s a happy retro fun.
Although ABBA has not performed live since 1982, it is easy to understand the world --
Together with Meryl Streep and Pierce Bruce Nan, the success of the 1999 Mama Mia musical and the 2008 film edition was conquered.
Gift shop, two unusual initiative to stand out at ABT-
Shirts, magnets, jewelry and coffee table books.
First of all, you can only pay by credit card because the band believes that \"cashless society\" will reduce crime for a long time.
Second, if you\'re going to spend a lot of money, you can email guitar maker Goran Malmberg to order copies of the stars
Ulvaeus plays a styling guitar in Eurovision.
Prices are not listed.
When it comes to money, it is estimated that 250,000 visitors will visit the museum this year.
Mommy, let\'s do it again.
ABBA\'s reputation continues. —
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