magic mike review — you can look and you can touch just don’t grab channing tatum’s wand in the sexiest, steamiest show in town

by:Marslite     2019-10-18
\"Ladies, hurry up because the show is like a log sink-you\'ll get wet if you\'re sitting in the front row!
\"This is the promise of the eyewear comedian David Morgan to introduce Magic Mike Live at the London Arena casino. A strip-
Show virgin, I\'m moving on the opening night to see what\'s the fuss about --
Can a bunch of guys dancing in pants really be that sexy?
Of course they can. please rest assured.
I think the movie must be the sexiest show in the West End since Jason Donovan put on his colorful fantasy coat.
Any dream will come true
No matter what you are, these guys are here to make it happen.
As Channing Tatum himself stepped onto the stage to introduce his boy, all my fears of pale, jagged cheeks and fierce Willie Wangning were quickly eliminated.
Perfect cut, 38-year-
The old Hollywood sex goddess of love has created the show as a sequel to his starring film about stripper Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL --and he hand-
Picked these dancers.
The audience screamed and took his picture.
Smooth Qian Ning climbed on the leg of a happy sn fish and took her mobile phone.
\"It\'s better, isn\'t it?
He smirked as he crossed her.
I think she agreed.
325 from the stage-
Seating theater, we are all in close contact with \"dancers.
That\'s right. we shouldn\'t call them a stripper.
The boys were dedicated professionals at the peak of their dance career.
They exercise and rehearse every day, many of them stick to vegetarian food and perform six nights a week.
As for the women in the audience, choreographer Alison Faulke told me: \"I think we have attracted a lot of different women\'s emotions.
We want them to feel empowered in their lives and be able to ask for more and know that they can ask for anything they want.
Whether it\'s appealing to their \"emotions\" or whatever else, the show is already a reliable hit show
Sold out until March made 7.
Sales in Advance 4 million
This proves the appeal of all.
Female birthdays and hen birthdays, but in the show I attended on Wednesday night, there were even some guys with their partner --
Hope to get some tips?
I can imagine that this extraordinary magic Meeks troupe could be a little scary for the average guy because they show off their huge assets to the hysterical Red audience --
A bloody woman for 90 minutes.
No front naked-
All goods are safely packed in the thong.
But there\'s still a lot to attract your attention.
Mike\'s character, his famous dance, the 90-year-old hip of giunuwin-
In these two blockbuster movies, the national anthem pony is definitely not one. trick variety.
There is no horse of his kind.
In addition to the standard bicep bending and hip grip, buff blokes also performs air-flying performances, plays musical instruments, collisions, ground and tapsdanced.
But there is a plot.
In this version, Mike is actually Michelle Angelo Kiero, a timid waiter who experiences sex when MC comedian Samantha Baines teaches him about women
Mike was already a man by the end of the show.
In the script, Samantha begins by introducing Michelle Angelo to her Sistine Church, implying between her legs.
Next, she revealed that the audience\'s safe words were \"unicorns \"--
How apt is usually the guy who gets the horn.
If one of the dancers is too close because of comfort, you should call it out and for some reason you want your lapdance to stop.
However, the room was waiting for a show and none of us would have thought of mentioning the mythical horse.
These people are eager to please, thank God. The well-
Every audience has an oil-coated advertisement, smiling and politely placing the palm between the tables.
A few lucky people got one. to-one time —
Jump up in their seats or simulate sex dance on stage.
Sitting on the edge of the aisle, I suddenly found myself in close contact with a beef cake of 6ft 3in.
With his sweet blonde curls floating on my face, Pip Hersee is heading towards the next wideeyed woman.
Later, the 26-year-old Pip revealed his top tips, and if you want to be an audience, he will be taken to the stage for a special treat and revealed: \"pants are the best.
Obviously this is to avoid exposure to any body part. Fair point.
Pipp, who trained at the Royal Ballet School, added: \"It\'s all about eye contact.
We are looking for people who want to be involved with us.
If they show interest, you can definitely see it in their eyes. ”Mum-of-
Two Mel Sadler of Ipswich spent her 30 th birthday there, and when she was stepped on the ground by each dancer, her peeps must have a look of love
After that, the customer service staff said, \"I got a mistake from everyone.
I\'m going to touch them and grab their ass.
\"My hand smells amazing.
They smell beautiful and have the taste of aftershave.
\"I certainly didn\'t use the word unicorn --
No need.
\"Unlike many gentleman clubs, you can watch it on this show and you can definitely touch it.
But be careful, Mike\'s wand is out of the world.
The same is true of his wizard companions.
Brian Siregar, a 24-year-old dancer from California, told me: \"We told them, \'Oh, you can\'t do that.
I know you want to, but you can\'t.
There is a reason for safety.
Samantha told us in no uncertain terms that any woman who is \"disrespectful\" to dancers will be taken away by bodyguards.
But in the end, the show is about giving women what they want.
Moderator Samantha later told me: \"Women can sit there hoping they don\'t feel patronized, but feel like talking to them on a real level, feel like it\'s a space for you to have a good time, not a dirty space
\"The bill is an imitation of the original version of Las Vegas, which has been in operation for more than a year, but as the UK changes --tongue-in-
Humor and familygrown talent.
The pop for the front desk is £ 125, the sofa seat is £ 95, and the regular seat is £ 65, which is not the full Monti.
Of course, there is no need to advanceshow weight-
With the development of the film and change, as in the film in the 90 s.
Instead, the boys climbed up the lighting platform a few times.
Ups refuel their pecs.
The lads said that they were immersed in sex, full of romance, full of rubbing board ABS, and they hoped the film would attract all women.
Dean Stewart, a 26-year-old dancer from Lewisham, southeast London, announced: \"I received screenshots from some people who said they felt different when they left, or we spend their day by calling them beautiful or giving them a thigh dance.
\"There is even slow dance, which brings the audience back to high school --
If they had no one dancing at the time, now they had a chance to dance.
Lucy Gardner, 30, a communications officer at Petts Wood in southeast London, said: \"Everyone has their own things.
Everyone has different types and different fantasies and it\'s all there.
\"I always thought the strip show was cheesy and ruthless until then, but the show was great.
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