madonna denies she was drunk on stage

by:Marslite     2019-09-18
Madonna insists she\'s not drunk on stage.
Source: madonna edmadonna denied reports of getting drunk on stage on her show in Kentucky on Saturday, insisting that she \"will never drink and perform \".
It is reported that the pop star started her performance in the city of Wisconsin.
A few hours later, several fans accused the singer on social media of forgetting the lyrics in the performance and acting \"drunk \".
However, star of light firmly stated that she did not drink alcohol before the show and she published an article on Instagram, \"For those who like to believe in everything they read, I never drink and perform! ! !
My performance was singing and dancing for 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Madonna went on to explain that she made a joke at a show in the city of Wisconsin, and she was worried that fans might misunderstand it.
\"I was joking to make a booth in the city of Wisconsin (up)
\"Comedians dressed up as clowns can drink,\" she added . \". “Its (sic)
It\'s very interesting how society continues to treat me not only in a completely discriminatory way (
If I were a man, no one would say one thing)
Also continue to understand every word I said literally! Thats (sic)
When people don\'t read books and (website)TMZ.
Madonna will take her to Australia.
Source: Getty ImagesMacauley Miller said on twitter that the concert was one of the \"weirdest experiences\" of his life.
\"I\'m pretty sure Madonna was drunk on stage,\" he wrote . \".
In a video posted on YouTube on Sunday, Madonna was heard apologizing for the chaos that had been brought to the city of Louis in Oklahoma.
\"Maybe someone put some bourbon whiskey tea or something in my throat? ” she says.
\"I got everything mixed up.
My dance, my words, I put the dress back and forgot to zip the shoes.
I don\'t even know who I am.
But some fans think Madonna is funny.
Madonna herself seems to be on the same page, posting a photo of her lying down on stage on her Instagram with the title \"work while I stand up and lie down \".
Thank you, Louis!
The tears of the clown soon came down.
\"Madonna is currently touring the world of her rebellious heart and will be in Australia.
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