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luxury €1.5m cork home boasts walled orchards and extensive grounds

by:Marslite     2019-10-15
The Maryborough building, once one of Douglas\'s most famous properties, is located near Cork and was built by the city\'s merchant Prince, Richard Newham, in the 18 th century.
Maryborough Manor is still a model of prosperity, but more modern.
The solemn family became a four
In one of Cork\'s richest suburbs, star-rated hotels and spas and their nearby walled orchards have been exclusively developed with 15 million suites of aire homes.
There may be some traps to stay in the hotel, but obviously one --
Lack of privacy-
It seems inappropriate here.
Maribolo Orchard is a \"closed community\" that can be reached by entering the main entrance of the maribolo Hill Hotel and then turning right.
Orchard House, or Orchard of Maryborough, 3, further isolated through its own set of remote equipment
Control the electric door. Door-to-
Door salesmen and spam monkeys will certainly never make up their minds to enter.
Despite the Georgian heritage of Maryborough Manor, the \"Orchard House\" is a tribute to the later period.
It was built in 2005 and was designed by an architect whose profile was to make a fax for a Victorian house.
For this reason, it is unlikely to attract reflection from those who prefer their buildings --to-the-minute ideas.
However, there are many wealthy buyers who like nothing more
Which is the Orchard House?
A copy can also be provided 21-
Century convenience of B2 energy rating-
Even the most gorgeous Victorian original is hard to achieve.
Features of the reproduction period include decorative fascia, corn icing on the ceiling, PVC window frame and Farrow & Ball paint color.
Modern features include the following
Floor heating on the first two floors, with partition heating in each room, the last sentence of the central vacuum system and kitchen appliances.
The Orchard House was last sold for 1 euro on 2010.
0. 525 billion, registered at the property price.
The report said that buyers based in China at the time agreed to sell without seeing the house, and she rarely used it for nearly five years since then.
As a result, the house is still intact and you have \"vacant positions\" as the realtor says \".
It\'s a luxurious size of 5,002 square feet, on three floors, with five
Awkward suite bedroom and living room.
A small porch takes you into the entrance hall with antique Spanish marble floors and an open-
The stairs rise to two floors above.
On the left of the entrance hall is a large living room with less than 28 square feet of floor with walnut, marble fireplace and bay window.
There is a game room on the right side of the hall, as well as a floating window and a small study room.
The kitchen and breakfast room, which also has antique Spanish marble floors, is part of a huge split-
Horizontal living area at the back of the House, French door to the garden.
The kitchen includes a Maple Island unit and a storage room with Americans.
Fridge and freezer and manual
Painted cabinets. The six-
In addition to the most accomplished chef, the burner cooker is very extravagant, and in addition to the most accomplished chef, there is a frying pan, two ovens and barbecue grill.
If all of this equipment does not improve your cooking skills, you can go to the Bellini restaurant at the Maryborough hotel for a roast pork belly.
There are two reception rooms outside the kitchen-
Family room with three steps on the left, with walnut floor and marble fireplace, and a sun room on the back, also three steps, with a wood
A burning stove and another door to the garden.
There is also a grocery room next to the kitchen, and a guest bathroom at the end of the corridor on the first floor.
There are four good ones on the first floor-
The size bedroom, which includes a master bedroom of 20 feet and 16 feet, has a floating window in front.
Next to it is a dressing room large enough to accommodate a movie star, as large as 16 feet. The master en-
The suite is also spacious, with 15 feet at 12 feet and a sunken Jacuzzi and a separate power shower on an elevated platform.
All three other bedrooms.
Suite shower.
The top floor is a large office/playroom/cinema with an area of over 11 feet and 35 feet, complete with surround sound.
There is also a fifth bedroom on this floor with one bedroom
Suite shower.
The \"Orchard House\" is on a small field with only a moment of acres, but the garden there has been beautified to n degrees.
There is a cobblestone paved driveway, two limestone terraces, a play area, outdoor lighting, and a 12-foot 10-foot garden cottage.
If you find yourself accidentally missing rain, there is even a sprinkler system.
The Maryborough orchard development hotel is about 5 kilometers from the center of Cork and 10 minutes\' drive from the airport.
Orchard House is for sale for 1 euro.
Frank V Murphy and Co\'s Cork (021)427 4204.
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