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live review: the weeknd, canada\'s \'starboy\', at rogers arena

by:Marslite     2019-09-04
He\'s a global team of R & B, and Drake and Taylor Swift are both on top of the list on his last album.
Now the Weeknd (a. k. a.
Abel tesafaye, Toronto)
Has entered the popular culture space competition with Starboy. His big-
In support of the record, another weakened beat and Michael Jackson\'s prostitute entered the Pepsi scene at Rogers Arena last night.
The thing is this: it may be late to still set the lighting Weeknd, a door has been opened but the show hasn\'t started yet, so in the meantime, let\'s take a look at merch.
Are you willing to pay $130 for this?
Only $10 more-
A whole jacket!
Remember to travel to merch?
$130 Coach jacket!
Now: Music!
That\'s how you party on stage.
The memory of @ Pemberton _ fest Rae remmurd has lost their shirts.
On the good side, at a low price of $130, new jackets are on sale outside. And the t-
The shirt thief is coming again!
Rae remmurd completed their setup, which means it\'s time to pause again when the crew is set up for the main event.
So, the next Weeknd.
There\'s another black light experience, anyone with lighting?
The headlines have arrived.
Weeknd is his big entrance.
Star Boy landed.
The sound mix is as sharp as the laser flash, the spotlight, all the lights.
But it\'s obviously brighter than Weeknd\'s shoes.
What can you show me?
A heavy light show, but nothing is brighter than those white leather tops he kicks, and the whole sold out person may stand up for the rest of the night. The sidewalk is a special highlight: The sidewalk is by far the best song in Starboy live.
Of course, supporting the trio is also playing a role.
Killer drummerHere is another live version of the sidewalk for those who don\'t attend tonight.
Cons: This is not the version that Vancouver knd did in Vancouver.
The good thing is: ken Rick Lamar is working on this.
Nothing more than those calls. and-
Respond to the chorus and let the crowd scream back. Ex.
: Normally it will get there and Weeknd will work in the crowd.
But obviously you don\'t sweat: So how do you tear across and behind the stadium?
Wearing heavy jackets and shirts, is the runway long without sweat?
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