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linkin park: hi-tech rockers with a good rap

by:Marslite     2019-09-16
I remember when it came to hybrid power, electronics, technology
Metal bands like Lincoln Park came out, \"Wow, it\'s fun music now.
\"Incorporating samples of other music in their work reminds me of Moody Bruce\'s\" borrowing \"of Bach and Muse\'s embedded appreciation of rahyinov.
But fans of Lincoln ParkLP)
Neither looks nor behaves like powder
Wig set by Bach and rahyinov. . . no, they don\'t.
Although there is a good cross
Part of old rock singers and alternative enthusiasts, hard-corps (hard-core? )
The followers of LP seem to be very loyal and very patient, and despite a lot of tattoos and facial piercings, they are an educated group working in various occupations. (
Chester Bennington, the LP singer has a lot of sports and has a trademark \"ear rule \". \')
While I don\'t like any of the songs above and am not familiar with all the songs of LP, to be honest, I love the music of Lincoln Park, since I first heard \"get rid of habits\" from their monsterselling (
800,000 copies in the first week alone)
A second effort, Meteora
Their first album, the mixed theory of 2005, was Diamond certified;
More than 24 million global sales;
The best-
Ten years album.
Jose merschester threatened the squashed fans in a common posture. -
Chester Bennington had a very bad childhood and adolescence.
Don\'t be too detailed, let\'s say that there are all kinds of abuse at home from the age of 7, and then being bullied at school for many years.
What\'s really amazing is-
I want the word \"extraordinary\" to sink a little bit. . .
This is how Bennington finally achieved incredible success. Good for him.
After divorcing his first wife, Bennington married a former Playboy bunny, perhaps a fantasy for every man.
As a result, things tend to be resolved for Mr.
Bennington is on this point in his life.
If Bennington did not accidentally move from his hometown of Phoenix to the Los Angeles area to audition for a band called \"Xero ,(
There he met Cinda, Del Sen and burden)
He won\'t be at Lincoln Park.
However, the health of Bennington has been unstable.
Several falls during the tour resulted in hospital stay and poor health, making the Meteora record difficult.
Bennington is also the only person I know who is unfortunately bitten by a brown hermit Spider, a bite from this spider that can be fatal, or if it is bitten to an ankle, it can cause a leg to be amputated.
Bennington\'s trademark \"scream-singing\' (
What will I call it)
It was great when you were less than 3 feet away from him in the photo pit. . .
Or anywhere else.
Side by side with Shin Tian\'s rap and the band\'s climax
Bennington\'s sound is at the heart of Linkin Park\'s sound, technical, beating bass sound.
Host, singer, keyboard, piano, guitar--
This person is a very good person. . . and smart too.
When we met Shinoda in the background, we immediately launched TechChat and started a lot of rap on all the technologies.
His great creativity in art has increased his interest in technology.
While studying graphic design and illustrations at the respected School of Art Design Center in Pasadena, he met Joe Hahn of LP \"turntablist\" and the two started designing most of LP\'s graphics
It was after obtaining a bachelor\'s degree in illustration and working as a graphic artist that Cinda experienced the incredible rise and success of Lincoln Park.
His father is Japanese.
Americans and mothers are Russians.
Hungarian, who had the privilege of seeing Japan on LP tours, to learn and understand his father\'s culture;
What a wonderful experience for him.
His mother wants him to start learning the piano at the age of four, which is the foresight of the sound of Lincoln Park, and Shinoda\'s work on various keys and synths is crucial.
New Tian male voice rap-
The singing voice of the style, you have an important basic part of the style of this groundbreaking band.
Although the addition of Bennington and his unique voice ensured the success of the band, it was the founding sweat of Cinda and the fact that Del Sen and burden made it possible for the band.
Cinda continues this investment in art and operations on this day.
Brad Delson, lead guitar-
The LP guitarist in a funny shiny headset, who seems to be in another world, is probably the most interesting character in the band.
Brad Delson grew up with Mike Shinoda and went to Agoura High School with him.
Learn for a. B. A.
In a communications study in business administration at the University of California, Los Angeles, as a regent, Delson is clearly not mentally lazy.
When talking to him, it was clear that Delson was a thinker.
In addition to the guitar player, there is also a technician.
When Delson graduated from UCLA with excellent results and decided not to go to law school as planned, but to focus on Lincoln Park, I imagined the following scenario: Delson sat up on a large palm, move up and down and say, \"well. . .
Or law school at Lincoln Park. . .
Or law school at Lincoln Park. \" (
I should point out here that in 1999, when Delson made this decision, the first album of Lincoln Park, Hybrid Theory, will not be released until next year, and their crazy success is guaranteed in addition)
There is a strong feeling that in this very successful band, the childhood friendship between Delson and Mike sinoda is a key factor.
In the band that sat with them talking about the article, I felt like they still liked each other very much and were very close;
Almost complete each other\'s sentences like a married couple.
It was this wonderful friendship that allowed Delson and Cinda to start creating and recording songs in Cinda\'s temporary bedroom studio in high school.
The event bears the greatest responsibility for Lincoln Park today. (
Photo credit: www. charitybuzz. com)
Drum-Rob Bourdon-
Rob burden grew up in Los Angeles and played in the band for the first time with Brad Delson.
After he watched an Aerosmith concert, Bolden began to drum in the style of Joey Kramer.
Burden\'s mother is said to have dated Joey Kramer earlier, which will give the young man a clear vision to drum up the rock band.
Burden is very concerned about social/environmental issues and is a member of the US Forest Committee.
Dave \"Phoenix\" Farrell, bass guitar, accompaniment--
Dave Farrell was born in Massachusetts and, like band teammate Bennington, had to move to Los Angeles and eventually make contact with him in the near futureto-
Become a member of the Lincoln Park Band
Like Bolden, Farrell first got in touch with Brad Delson, his roommate at the University of California, Los Angeles, who joined the \"Christian/ska band\" for the first time \". \" How unique;
I don\'t think I \'ve ever heard of such a music mix.
Joe Hahn, turntable, programming, example, beat--
Another transplant family at Lincoln Park, Hahn was born in Dallas and had to move to Los Angeles in order to find his call.
Studying and meeting Mike Shinoda at the Art Center School of Design is a key part of kismet.
Hahn and Shinoda continue to make artistic contributions to LP\'s graphic brands.
Hahn is the director of some LP videos;
X for TV-Files;
First Korean.
When Lincoln Park won the Grammy in 2002, Americans won the Grammy.
Lincoln Park has worked hard to ensure environmental responsibility for their trip to Lincoln Park, and has recently been praised by not less than the Wall Street Journal for planting more than 1 million trees to stop global warming.
Obviously, these smart, educated musicians really care about our planet.
Brad ssean Paden is Brad Delson\'s guitar technology.
A very good person.
When Paton is not traveling in Lincoln Park, he spends a lot of time working in his friend\'s Nashville guitar shop, his area of real interest is to make the green guitar project \"green guitar\" for his company \".
In addition to work or his own startup efforts, Paden also has a website to make special effects pedals for guitarist Roadiemade, which he ultimately intends to turn into an online \"rent\"a-roadie-for-a-day\" site.
Paten has worked for Guns Rose of Guns & Roses for more than five years and has also done a lot of custom guitar work for Kiss\'s Ace Frehley with a lot of great rock road stories.
I think he should write a book called confession of rock band, which is definitely the best --seller.
Paddon grew up in Texas;
After 90 s began to work with the band on Sunset Avenue in Los Angeles;
It has been working with Lincoln Park for more than 10 years.
He told me, \"every one of me
The performance ceremony is to grab some of the iconic drum points and guitars and find some first --
Give them a timer or a child.
\"Look, I told you he was a good man.
But back to the green guitar project in Paden (GGP)
Anecdote about a short sidebar: The way GGP started was great.
\"A group of guitar apprentices sat and chatted with me, and they were excited to talk about what expensive, rare wood they would use to make guitars, and I just had enough.
I walked up to the bin and took out some abandoned boards.
I told them, \'We are going to make a great guitar out of this scrap wood and it sounds as good as a guitar made with your irreplaceable rare wood.
\"This is the idea that Paden originally used materials that will immediately enter the landfill and address two issues: the landfill issue and the formaldehyde issue, which is used as an adhesive for plywood, plywood can cause various problems when it is landfill.
Now Lincoln Park is playing these guitars on stage. (
You can see some LP travel photos of Paddon on Instagram. )
Brad Delson\'s \"Rory Gallagher\" legend Stratocaster \"This guitar is full of DiMarzio Humbucker pick-
\"Ups,\" Paden told me, \"they help reduce the Annoying hum that may appear during the sound check.
Paul Reid Smith of Adelson
\"I had two hours to revise this guitar before the rehearsal started,\" Paden told me with a smile . \". A Mexican-
So that Paul Reid Smith, Strat derson usesderson\'s \"Hybrid Theory\", was used for recording, also used for toderson\'s \"mixed theory\" I belong to the midnight \"threat\" Paul Reid Smith guitar for \"giving up\" one of the original Paul Reid Smith self of Delson
Paul Reid Smith Paddon of Paul Reid Smith Norda said, \"one of the last single --
On 2007, Paul Reid Smith made and used cutaway during the \"midnight threat\" tour.
\"Mike Shinoda\'s 1986 Gibson SG standard Mike\'s 1968 reissued custom store stratocaster is one of the Paden Green guitars Mike Shinoda uses on\" Echo loss \",\" Mike Paddon recalls.
\"I gave Mike this \'green guitar, \'and he started playing in the studio.
He took it home when he brought it back
The one-year-old helped him draw his back.
It has a Baltic birch plywood neck and fret-
Boards are walnuts made of scrap.
The wood the furniture manufacturer gave me.
Mike\'s son Otis sinoda\'s art design, signed on buckchester\'s \"green guitar\" and played on \"Rainbow Colors (
For the real guitar geek of my readers, Sean Paddon recommended the \"guitar at Lincoln Park\" website for more information I can provide here. )
Mike Shinoda\'s high-
Gretsch flat black drum kit in PerchRob Bourdon. . . killer! !
The impact of Brad Delsonshow pyro test.
Exactly what I need, the foundation of the huge stage of LP is even more impressive.
Mobile air conditioning is also cool.
The need for tourism is growing: huge screens showing tweets, texts and other content during the concert.
Lincoln Park is definitely one of the more switcheson, plugged-in bands.
VENUEThe Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas is your typical half-part inside and outside of the amphitheater with an elevated covering and a bowl in front-
It\'s like a hill where people sit on the grass and enjoy the show.
The whole venue was packed with people not just the early days we were looking forward to, but all the way back to the grass where there was even a problem with a stamp size patch, blankets can be rolled out in less places.
The example of the sound that Lincoln Park boys see every night in turritt is the stickiness of 95 degrees in Dallas that night, and the noisy Lincoln Park crowd seems to have expired.
But their energy levels are still surprisingly high for their hero\'s performance, and even in the opening show MuteMath and Incubus, they don\'t relax all night.
With the gradual deepening of the opening, the collective metabolism of LP fans has gradually increased.
When LP comes up, there is a tangible feeling that \"what will happen\" and \"How good will they be tonight ? \"?
But the questions were quickly answered by the band, who did not disappoint the LP crowd.
Artist COMMENTARYI asked Mike Shinoda how this LP tour is going, and he told me, \"one thing that makes this tour very special is that over the years we \'ve known-
We knew them from high school.
Mountain Agura in California)
We did not visit with them.
So it was a great experience for us.
When I saw Mike (from Incubus)
In the backstage of this tour, we can talk about home.
\"I love traveling but like to balance between traveling and recording/writing.
Song writing is like a muscle and you want to exercise it and make sure it doesn\'t shrink.
We used to do what most bands did, and that was to post a record, go on tour, until the loop is over, and then go back and write another record without writing anything for a while, it\'s like there\'s a pain.
\"Shinada and his LP band members have a great strategy to attract their fans --
Keep them in touch.
For example, the band held a competition among fans and the winner will contribute music to the Lincoln Park album-
A good form of \"crowdsourcing.
\"The band always wants to make a difference in technology,\" Shinoda told me very seriously, \"I mean, we never saw him when we recorded with the winning Polish kid
We talked and recorded through the Internet.
We sent him some dry words about our songs. -
Just like I gave you the puzzle, but you don\'t have the lid for the box, so you don\'t know what you\'re putting together.
Of the thousands of submissions, we chose the mix of the child.
\"Song of Lincoln Park\" can hear the contribution of the lucky winner, \"Catalyst\".
Whether the sound of Lincoln Park included in the new Dell/Open Lab/LP products StageLight and Dell Lincoln Park edition laptopsbe can be used as some kind of Lincoln Park crowdsourcing competition tool, can LP fans use the LP sound and kick it back into the band for approval?
\"We are definitely going to have more competitions for the band to actively create music and submit it to the band for awards.
\"THE performance of the setlistthe SHOWThis Lincoln Park is another matter.
I have never seen their life before.
There are so many action explosions on the stage that it is so contagious to the crowd that I want to know how long it will last.
Well, the whole night was done in the damp on the sweat stream sweaty back, and when I left, like most people I thought, I needed a shower very much.
Dim with the lights of the house. . .
There was a strange blue glow on the stage. . .
The crowd made a loud roar.
With Chester playing to the crowd immediately and gaining firm control, the band appeared with trademark composure.
When Mike sinoda alternate between the keyboard and the guitar;
Give up playing both with silence but reckless (
If possible)
At the same time, his signature rap songs broke out.
Chester and Mike are really one of the greatest shows of rock and roll, and in addition to my favorite song \"Where I Belong\", he has admitted my ignorance of everything about LP, \"Break the habit\" and several other \"places that belong to me\" appear very early in the LP series and are great.
Better than the album. -
This proves LP\'s constant efforts to keep their stage performances as synchronized as possible with the original studio recording ---
This song made my night.
I became more familiar with other LP plays as the show went on and especially liked \"victims\", \"bleeding\" and \"Burn \".
\"In particular, the\" New Divide \"shows me a completely different aspect of Chester\'s voice.
Brad and Chester are in full swing \"breaking habits\" and \"eventually\" performing for me with amazing energy and some extra highs.
When the two songs began, the crowd gradually increased their energy (
Like they do for each LP song).
Hinoda and Delson. .
Two childhood friends are still together, this special effect has added a huge amount to the best effect that has been incorporated into the stage lamp light and sound system.
A four-song encore exhausted fans of sweaty\'s back, but still satisfied.
After the final notes were reduced, it took a few seconds for people to figure out where they were and what just happened.
In my mind, from the beginning of this show, I have been thinking of the following sentence: \"There is nothing better than grateful for the Dead concert.
\"Now I know Lincoln Park is only a step away from the music you can get from the Grateful Dead.
But the strong analogy remains: nothing is better than the Lincoln Park concert. (
Please see my \"TechScape\" column in Huffington Post about Lincoln Park\'s technical foundation and its new music
Innovative Product StageLight in partnership with Dell and open labs. Out shortly. )
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