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lights on! nerd\'s the word in concert, on paper with skin & earth

by:Marslite     2019-09-07
Jan. 30 and 31, 8 p. m.
Fashion theater alt-
Pop singer Lights was born in Valerie Anne boxletner, Timmins, Ontario.
Throughout her life, people misread her last name as \"point dexter \".
Task, B. C. -
Based on the artist likes it.
\"It sounds nerdy, but I will take it all away,\" said the light . \".
\"This is how I feel inside.
I just never really thought about it. I will create something that makes this world so beautiful.
She is talking about the skin and the Earth.
The fourth album of the multi-Juno Award
The winner is based on 6-
Part of the comic book series of the same name.
Conceived, written and painted entirely by cosplay
The storyline revolves around a character named Enaia. En for short. This flame-haired alter-
Self and a partner who looks a lot like her.
Life\'s husband, Blessthefall singer Bogan, first appeared in a 30-
The second 2017 video preview
In the teaser, the adventure of images and sounds became active, which included clips of the first single, giant: \"In the ruins of the rich past, humanity faces the last days, there is a soul living between fear and hope.
The first edition of skin and Earth was published in July 2017.
Earlier in June 15, the Giants and their accompanying music video dropped and parachuted in July 14.
Savage arrived on August.
And new concerns.
\"Fight Club\" is the last game before the release.
It took several years for the project to be completed.
\"I \'ve been an avid comic reader for years and have been drawing for years, so trying this is not beyond my skill set,\" she said . \".
\"Has always been attracted by the work of the very male female creator --
I like the idea that I can break it too.
What is missing is how to do it all.
Suggestions from Master comics such as Brian K. Vaughan (
Y: The last person to escape)
Jamie McLevey (
Evil God)and G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel)
All this made her keen on the project.
Hard research from books, online sources, and a large number of webinars, mastering digital drawing techniques and storyboarding methods, all play a role in creating skin and Earth.
Of course, Lights is already a writer, so essentially, it\'s just an extra delivery platform.
\"The last issue was published in December 2017 and I am proud and happy about it, even bringing it to Cannes for the big cosplay conference,\" she said . \".
\"From creating a world to all the merch, videos, characters and locations I \'ve created, there\'s so much creativity.
The world of comedy lovers is passionate about details and knowledge, and the more you go into it, the more fun it will be for you.
\"A brand new fan base is already on.
Entering the comic world not only gives artists a long life that is completely different from a simple musical performance, but also promotes 40-
Date skin and Earth tours within days of the launch of the travel announcement, every VIP package in almost every market will be sold out.
This is what you want to be back in three hours.
Since 2014 of the small machines have been under positive pressure, the rest of the year.
\"I have been touring since 08 and have a dedicated fan base in the USS.
But it has a lot to do with comics, \"she said.
\"VIP has a background on comics, photos, some Soundtrack songs and other things that will make it very special.
It took a year to paint the comic while hiding in the forest in the mission, so it was a good reception.
\"Recalling the hard and painful concept album like terrain ocean or Genesis\'s lamb on Broadway, skin and Earth looks simple and unpretentious.
The book is well read, the art is solid, contemporary, the music is original, modern pop with the colors of electronics, dance and Arena
Chorus of size must have a wide range of attraction.
Fight Club is one of the most dancing clubs
The music she once recorded.
You will feel that this will be the perfect music to form a live soundtrackAction movie or-
Because everyone is doing it these days.
Cool Netflix series.
\"I think of all the ways I can take, and maybe there\'s a continuous arc, how awesome that would be,\" she said . \".
\"But obviously it\'s a big difference from making comics, which are basically created at zero cost, but Netflix\'s show is another level.
This is one of my dreams, but it is likely to disappear, but I think I can now realize the dream of doing the soundtrack.
It would be \"incredible rad\" to do this on her own show \".
The main challenge of making comics and albums is to combine the more powerful things together, but also to work independently.
To do this, she treats music writing differently than her previous project.
\"Obviously everything will sound like me because it is, but this time I gave up control on production and meters as before,\" she said . \".
\"I don\'t have music theory and great chord knowledge, but I know where I am.
This time, I think if I focus on vocals, lyrics, and narrative lines for others to work on my original melody, I can get some extensions from my previous work.
The new concerns are a good example.
Her favorite song on the new album reflects when En is at its lowest level and ready to meet her new spiritual friend.
She knows where the song is going and where it needs to be.
\"But then I asked the people I worked with to run it creatively and the results of the meeting were different from what I did before,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s so free to work with people like 21 pilots Josh Dun, they play on\" savage \"and almost own me.
\"For the upcoming tour, the lights will be unveiled with the most ambitious stage and lighting design of her career.
Naturally, frames from the skin and Earth will be sorted as new album material to show the full dramatic arc.
You might think that the lights are so focused on the skin and the Earth that it\'s not interesting to play fan games like \"Drive My Soul\" or \"run with boys.
This is not the case.
\"Not at all, I like a lot of these songs and don\'t get tired of playing them,\" she said . \".
\"I often change the way I perform the material, whether it\'s acoustic or what you have, so that the audience is interested.
\"Given the popularity of skin and Earth, would she consider writing her first comedy character, a tragic frog named Monty, into a book?
\"Oh, I \'ve really been thinking about it all the time, but Monty is the most prepared
\"You can imagine what kind of student he is, but what happens to him is always 18 years old,\" she said . \"
\"So I asked people if they thought I should tame it into a kid\'s show and my daughter rocket wild could enjoy it or just go all out --
Swimming for adults.
\"Please keep an eye on whether Monty will jump into the page or on the screen in the future.
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