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lighting up the night as company celebrates its 35th anniversary

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
If there is a word to describe the celebration of Siri Jaya Industries Sdn Bhd\'s 35 th anniversary dinner at the Ipoh Quinta Riverside Hotel, it would be \"extravagant \".
With the theme of \"glitz and glamour\", The Dinner Party is full of pomp, and guests are dressed neatly, enjoying not only a hearty Chinese dinner, but also an amazing dance performance.
Performers on stage dance with several tunes from the music film The Greatest performer.
Their costumes and props are also lit up by LED lighting, reflecting the company\'s core business.
About 600 people, including family, friends and business partners, attended the dinner.
Cheong Pak Fatt, group\'s chief marketing and operations officer, said the rise of LED lighting was the driving force for major changes in the lighting industry.
He said that the Internet of Things will be the next revolution in the industry (IoT)
Intelligent connection between lamps and other machines.
\"In the Internet of Things, everyday items are equipped with sensors, Micro
Processor and the ability to \"talk\" with other machines through local systems.
\"Networking of objects, data collection for analysis, information management, and knowledge transfer to optimize large
Scale systems for buildings, factories, highways and cities, \"he said.
\"The opportunities for the internet of things in the lighting industry will be huge,\" he added . \".
Weng ew, group chief executive, said the success of the company depends on hard-working employees, loyal partners and customers.
Liew said the company started with only five people and now employs about 480 employees.
He also said the company will continue to expand its business in pursuit of the latest technology.
\"Our goal is to expand our business globally.
\"I believe we can do this because of our loyal customers,\" he said . \" He added that its product range also includes intelligent technology in lighting systems.
Later, Liew to sales partners and long-serving staff.
A lucky draw was also held for all guests.
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