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\'leno show:\' same as it ever was

by:Marslite     2019-09-25
Jay Leno show premiered tonight in a big old game.
NBCâx80x99s prime-
The time for Jay Renault\'s experiment is high. -
Both inside and outside the TV industry-
This initiative has been announced since last December.
It is called the most dangerous change in internet TV for decades, and it may change the nature of night shows forever.
There, however, it looks very, very much like Jay Renault\'s Tonight show, full of safe, middle stuffof-the-
It has always been Renault\'s trademark highway humor.
The Internet revolution came in the smoke of the two.
America\'s one-hour episode is gifted and looks suspiciously like a dusty, shabby
From the recliner.
From the opening monologue and the joke with guest Jerry Seinfeld (
Via satellite, Oprah Winfrey)to the goofy-
The headline news section at the end of the hour, the Jay Renault show is very familiar.
The model talk format not only reminds people of the show tonight, but almost all other late shows
Say night in the air now.
Another service for movies and TV shows is coming soon.
Even when Leno tells the opening joke, it seems that he is relatively not interested in the premiere.
He made a list of his usual games. liners --
About Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and his own advertising campaign-
At an ordinary level of energy, he is not willing to be anyone except easygoing Jay.
The audience already knew and loved it at night.
If he is excited and inspired by his new job, he will hide it well.
Tonight, of course, Renault has benefited a lot from the drama surrounding Kanye West.
The singer beat Taylor Swift\'s award-winning speech at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, and he immediately became a target of viral hostility.
This buzz coincides with the propaganda of Jay Leno Show, and many are eager to hear West defend itself.
Looking very humble, West mumbled mum to answer the question of Renault Barbara Walters --
Just like the feelings about West and the thoughts of his late mother about the VMA incident.
\"My life,\" said West, \"I just wanted to give and do something that I felt was right.
In this case, I immediately knew it was wrong.
I am just ashamed that my injury caused someone else\'s injury.
The West attributed his actions to overwork and the lifestyle of celebrities: I deal with injuries.
And, you know, so many celebrities, they never take a vacation.
I never asked for leave, really--
He said, you know, it\'s just music after the music and after the tour.
Then West joined Jay.
Z runs the town with Rihanna.
Strangely, the three singers looked like their own avatars under the stage lights.
Obviously, it\'s too early to make a firm final judgment on Jay Renault\'s show.
As the weeks unfold, maybe Renault will let himself relax a little and push his comedy to a new place?
Maybe he won\'t.
How do you like the premiere?
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