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leicester city ready to embrace challenge of hosting rugby world cup matches

by:Marslite     2019-10-20
John Ledwidge, Leicester City\'s chief venue administrator, said the Rugby World Cup game to be held at King\'s power Stadium next month will not interfere with the start of the team\'s flight this season.
Fox team unbeaten, currently ranked second in the Premier League.
Their perfect home match matches the Fast Pass and offensive style of their first five leagues.
But their home court will host three World Cup group games and three days of rugby training in nine days.
The day of early October.
\"Since we first learned that KP will be the venue for the Rugby World Cup, we have been carefully planning,\" Ledwidge told Sky Sports News headquarters . \".
\"If you come here on June, you will see me standing on a 6-
Trench at the foot, currently six
The box in the yard, as we did for 17-metre-
Rugby high pole.
\"Now the area is covered with soil and turf so that there is no flaw in the perfect green race surface.
\"One of the biggest challenges is where to store rugby posts. They\'re huge. \" he added.
\"In the end, we put them in the Hall --
Tie them to the pillars that support the stands.
\"When it comes to the stadium itself, there are bigger challenges.
\"Obviously, the needs of these two movements are completely different,\" said Ledwidge . \".
\"First of all, the World Cup grass will be 28mm long, while the grass in the Premier League will be shortened to 22mm long.
This will help to protect the surface a bit, but it is more harmful to the spacing of the decree-
The stone beast slammed the boots on the surface, instead of Riyad Mahrez sliding on the boots, and Riyad Mahrez may have been wet with eight stones.
\"We also brought lighting about six weeks ahead of schedule to help the grass be as strong and healthy as possible and plan (grass)
So the plant so that it is in its best condition to cope with the harsh environment of the future.
\"These lighting devices cost Leicester more than 250,000.
They can be hydraulic elevated and lowered to provide more intense light and heat for any area in the asphalt that is severely damaged by rucks and mauls.
\"For example, if you have a scrum and it\'s a wet day, it can do quite a bit of damage to the pitch,\" he said . \".
\"So, after the game, we can quickly pick up the lighting and put it close to the ground, bringing huge light to the grass in that area.
\"We treat the grass like we do athletes --
The more work it has to do, the more it needs to help recover, and we design all the food and light conditions accordingly to provide the course.
We also collect soil samples on a regular basis to monitor the current level of nutrition.
\"Ledwidge is confident that in just over a week his stadium will be able to cope with nearly 500 minutes of rugby.
\"There is a lot of pressure,\" he admitted . \"
\"But my team and I thrive under this pressure.
The standards of the Premier League are so high that every day we are putting pressure on ourselves to create the best stadium.
\"It\'s a great honor to have the opportunity to host some big international matches at the Rugby World Cup.
But we also have to make sure that the stadium is ready to return to football once the rugby match is over.
\"For this reason, Leicester\'s ground crew followed strict guidelines to create a venue suitable for Leicester style.
TRACAB report using advanced images-
According to the processing technology, Jamie Wadi is the fastest player in the Premier League so far this season, almost 35 years old. 5 km per hour.
With Jeff Schlupp (35. 26 km/h)
Mark albreton (35. 0 km/h)
Leicester has three players in the top four.
\"Our team is fast and obviously Claudio likes to play fast,\" he said . \".
\"So we always water the pitch more than most clubs do before they play --
At half-time, extra zipper is given to the ball again and again.
\"But we also know that the softer the pitch when the fast hand tries to leave, the more resistance their feet have.
\"So if we can make the pitch more solid, the better for faster players, so they can get a more solid foundation, better acceleration and faster sprints.
\"But there is a balance to be struck.
We did a lot of work with Dave Rennie (
Head therapist in Leicester)
To ensure that a firmer pitch does not give a greater risk to injury.
\"He is obviously a master of his industry.
Ledwidge and his team have been nominated by the ground Research Institute for the \"underground steam of the Year\" award.
They will go to the final and play against their opponents at Old Trafford.
But Ledwidge admits that next month will be his biggest challenge at work.
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