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led lighting shares should end 2013 on a brighter note

by:Marslite     2020-04-29
\"Focused Stock traders\" have covered the LED lighting industry in the market in the early stages, and the recommended price of revolutionary lighting in March 2013 was $1. 50 a share.
In early August, we reported opportunities for the LED lighting industry, again highlighting the industry\'s forecast for exponential growth over the next five years.
A report prepared by McKinsey on the lighting industry also confirms these forecasts, which said that 70% of the global lighting will be LED-based by 2020.
Promote the positive development of LED
Higher lighting-related stocks include an increase in revenue and revenue of LED lighting companies, an increase in institutional investor awareness, and the launch of new products, such as different types of led solutions, programmable lighting, energy management control systems.
More importantly, the growth of the LED lighting industry will have a chain effect, affecting the growth of other companies, such as semi-
Manufacturers of conductors, diodes and assemblies.
Institutional coverage upgrades and displays given the huge market potential, the LED lighting industry has recently attracted significant interest from institutional investors.
Orion\'s energy system and revolutionary lighting technology are two examples.
The two companies issued a press release announcing that the management of the two companies will be in Craig-
Hallum\'s fourth annual Alpha Select Conference, held in New York from September 26. The Craig-
Hallum event, known for being one of the most prestigious investor meetings for small businesses
Cap Growth, which illustrates the support and focus of institutional investor groups, is an important milestone for the industry and for companies like rv lt and OESX.
Focus Stock traders reported Orion Energy as early as August.
Since then, Orion\'s share of energy has increased by 40%.
Orion reported strong first-quarter earnings and completed the acquisition of privately held Harris Manufacturing and Harris LED in July.
This important deal expands the product range of the Orion energy system and also provides a key revenue driver for the Orion energy system.
The stock price of Orion reflects positive news, reaching 52-A weekly high of $4.
It closed at $4 on September 20.
On the 12th, the market volume exceeded 1 million shares, while the average market volume in 3 months was 150,000 shares.
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Rift Valley fever will also be on display at the Craig hotel-
The Hallum Alpha Select Conference has a place in focus stock traders.
Since our proposal, revolutionary lighting has grown by more than 80%, similar to the Orion energy system, and will benefit greatly from expanded institutional investor coverage and new acquisitions.
Revolutionary lighting acquired Relume Technologies in August, which gave an additional boost to the revolutionary product suite, as Relume produced energy management control systems in addition to producing LED lighting components.
Relume was designed as a key revenue driver for revolutionary lighting, just like Harris did with the Orion energy system.
The revolution also gained considerable revenue growth, which led to stocks starting to rise shortly after we recommended $1.
Eventually, the rift hit a 52-week high of $5.
50 back in July 23.
As both the Orion energy system and the revolutionary lighting system share price are at a relatively low level, given the decline in the LED lighting industry, the opportunities for both companies in the market are greatly underestimated.
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Revolutionary lighting: When we first discovered the rift fever, we recommended it to be close to $1.
$50 then soared to $5.
There are 50 in less than 4 months.
Since then, if it can come up with $3, it will make a big correction. 05-$3.
We are looking for a new way to go up, starting with a target close to $3. 90-
$4 then back to $5. 35-$5. 50 zone.
New opportunities for new products LED lighting market prospects will be driven not only by energy efficiency requirements, but also by a competitive environment from larger brands and smaller brand products.
Cree has recently introduced a new LED lighting array system, along with a number of new LED lighting products that will enable them to continue their explosive top-level growth.
Like Orion Energy and revolutionary lighting, Cree is also the focus of agency analysts reporting, when Sterne Agee provided positive comments in August on the positive gross margin growth of the company\'s lighting product line of business.
Sterne Agee also expects the company\'s overall gross profit margin to increase next quarter and reiterated the \"purchase\" of the stock \".
Technical analysis of Harry boxer
Click zoom in)CREE INC.
: LED lighting industry leader CREE went through a massive run and dropped from a $20 low to $76 in a year!
Subsequently, after disappointing earnings released in August, resulting in a decline below $54, the figure fell sharply.
Kerry has stabilized since then and is back testing the gap close to $62$62. 50.
We are looking for a resistance to the surge in price volumes, starting to fill the $70 gap and then reaching $76 with a long-term price target of $85.
New opportunities have emerged with the new competition in the LED lighting market, especially for companies that produce components for LED lighting manufacturers such as GT Technologies Inc.
GTAT not only produces silicon
Basic components for solar panels and LED lighting, but the company also produces components for the production of sapphire, a material with many industrial applications such as LED controller chip chips or a glass, it is rumored that this material is better than Corning\'s (NYSE:GLW)($14. 67 -0. 20)
Famous Gorilla Glass
Shares of GT Technologies rose more than 30% this month as Credit Suisse\'s shares are escalating.
Trading volume jumped from average level 4.
3 million shares to 6 million shares in September 20.
Credit Suisse\'s comments reflect management\'s recent 10-
Q filing, states that \"the use of sapphire in industrial applications and consumer electronics has been limited adjusted.
While the use of sapphire in these applications is still in its early stages, it represents a potential market that could lead to increased demand for sapphire manufacturing equipment.
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GT Advanced Technology: GTAT has been in a very strong upward channel since its current round began in last June, close to $3.
$45, then steadily rose to a high of $8 last Thursday.
22. There is a 150% increase in less than 90 days!
While it may be overbought in the short term, the momentum is strong, and it may rise near $10 before a larger callback consolidation occurs.
On top of that, our target is $12. $12. 50.
The chain effect of the growth of the LED lighting market on companies such as GT Technologies will also affect other solar and semi-solar companies
Conductor manufacturers like SunEdison.
Solar producers like SunEdison will benefit from more efficient components on solar farms, which have long been considered a shortage.
Components produced by companies such as GT Technologies will significantly reduce the cost of efficient solar cells, while significantly improving the efficiency of solar systems.
Sun Edison recently voted
The semiconductor business was shut down to focus on large-scale solar projects.
SunEdison has also completed a new round of financing through public offering of shares, which will enable it to further develop solar farms, such as the solar farms it currently develops in Chile, the largest of its kind in Latin America, it is also the beginning of SunEdison management\'s hopes, which will show how the company has transformed into an expert on higher-margin projects such as Chile\'s solar farms.
SUNE traded 10 on September 20.
8 million shares, significantly higher than the average volume of 6 shares.
8 million shares.
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SUNEDISON: SUNE is in an excellent ascending channel for 13 months, starting below $1. 50 to over $10.
Then a sharp correction took place, bringing it back to around $6.
Successfully tested the bottom of its main ascending channel on the 25th.
The stock is currently being consolidated, with the main resistance approaching $8. 35-$8. 40.
We are now looking for soaring prices through this level to ignite a new upward channel.
Then the target is $9. 50, $10. 50 & $12. 75.
Due to the decline in LED prices over the next few years, it is certain that many existing participants in the LED lighting industry will merge.
Pioneers in industries such as Cree, GE Orion Energy Systems, revolutionary lighting will benefit from the rapid growth of residential and commercial customers.
Conclusion with the improvement of LED lighting brightness quality, the reduction of energy consumption and the improvement of return on investment, the \"focused stock trader\" believes that the LED lighting market will continue to experience a substantial increase of 2014 or more, and will provide impetus for the sharp appreciation of the above shares.
Before investing, please discuss the advantages of these suggestions with your investment advisor.
Disclosure: I\'m long OESX.
I am a long-term stake in OESX and I may buy more shares and may buy or sell shares in OESX and rv lt in the next 72 hours.
Business Relationship Disclosure: This article was written by my deputy editor-in-chief, Anthony obanich.
I am the founder and managing partner of Brite Idea.
Manufacturer representative of Orion Energy System
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