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laser + glitter = red galaxy + party

by:Marslite     2019-09-01
The laser flash works wonders.
It works on diffuse reflection.
I want to see the red galaxy in your room, just turn off the lights and turn on the laser.
You can also make party lights very cheaply. (
Two projects in this project, the second one after the first one)
1) materials and toolsPlastic ball. 2)Glitter pack3)Fevicol (Glue). 4)Laser Light (
I use my little age laser light, remove the battery and provide external power for continuous lighting)5)
Double sided tape6)Fan (
For vibrating ball)7)scissors. 8)
Any bottle used to stick the ball. 1)
Completely apply Fevicol to the ball (
Paste on the top side on the left)
, Turn off the fan at the same time to delay drying. . 2)
Shine on the ball.
Sparkling ball.
To increase the density of the coating, sprinkle more flash. 3)
Let it dry. 4)
After drying the ball on the floor, remove the excess flash from the ball.
Now the ball is ready for the show.
Stick the double sided tape to the flash free area of the ball. 2)
Paste the flash ball to the top of the old shampoo bottle filled with water. 3)
When pasting, make sure there is only one small piece of double sided tape in the bottle head.
This only allows the ball to vibrate while the fan is running. 4)
Fix the laser using a double-sided faucet on the wall and focus on one side of the ball. (
My camera is not good display effect do and check correctly)1)
Turn off the lights now and turn on the fan. 2)
This shook the ball on the table. 3)
1st image can\'t see the flash in my phone camera, but can see the settings. 4)
Switch the lights and let the party. (
Actually, it looks great on the wall compared to the camera).
Materials neededPlastic Balls. 2)
Large size, good reflection effect. 3)Laser Light. 4)
Double sided tape. 5)Fevicol (Gum)6)Fan1)
Apply glue to 50% of the ball. 2)
Sprinkle the flashing ball on the ball and cover the surface of the ball like a lid. 3)
Let it dry. 1)
Put a double-sided sticker on the plane of the ball. 2)
Paste the other part in the center of the fan.
Paste it completely so that it does not vibrate or fall when the fan rotates. 3)
Fix the laser on the wall and focus the fan. (
If three lasers are fired from three sides, it will cover the entire room). 4)
Turn on the fan now and adjust the rotation very slowly (
No results for fast rotation display). 5)
Switch the lights and see the party room now. (
My camera is unable to shoot light due to low light intensity).
Changing the size of the flash and the size of the laser will have a good effect.
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