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lady gaga plays it safe at super bowl halftime show

by:Marslite     2019-09-06
Lady Gaga is undoubtedly
Lyst has a strong voice, a magnetic stage, and a career that may be long in the future.
But you can\'t deny that if we\'re still in 2010, her Super Bowl midfielder show will have a bigger sensation on Sunday, before mediocre material and inconsistent performances make her star a little dim.
If Gaga gets an intermission invitation at the time, you have to think, it will be more creative and courageous than the safe, and ultimately no inspiration, Sunday, she made her debut at the Super Bowl at Houston NRG Stadium.
It is commendable that Gaga is clearly working towards unity, an admirable goal that, in theory, aims to push aside the great differences in our country.
So starting with \"God Bless America\" is a good call for Gaga to sing the song on the roof of the stadium, under the glowing drone that forms the American flag, for a dramatic start, this is a good concept.
But Gaga\'s exaggerated performance masks a potentially meaningful moment.
Since then, Gaga has suddenly entered herself.
Parody, crash into the stadium by hanging the cable, la Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible.
\"It\'s a huge fall, but Gaga doesn\'t have the grace and charm of P! nk\'s past jaw-
Give up stunt
Instead, she looks like Melissa McCarthy is walking around in a cartoon Kia ad on Sunday.
Once Gaga got up and robbed the \"Poker Face\", what she met at the \"Saturday Night Scene\" was more of a parody of Kate McKinnon than a real deal.
From there, Gaga performed through elaborate \"born so\", \"phone\", \"Just Dance\" and \"Bad Romance, \"Slow down for the shoddy reproduction of The Million Reasons.
\"But action, stage setting --
In general, the lack of bold imagination in gorgeous layout and lighting design has hinted that Gaga will be a breakthrough artist.
On Sunday, she finally took on the biggest stage in the music field.
She also performed the predictable pop singer she once fearlessly opposed. THE SETLIST1.
God bless America. \"Poker Face\"3.
\"Born in this way\" 4. \"Telephone\"5. \"Just Dance\"6.
[Million Reasons] 7.
More about \"Bad Romance\" in music
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