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la paloma\'s eclipse is not expected to remain total

by:Marslite     2019-09-12
On Tuesday, the historic La Paloma Theater in Encinitas was unexpectedly closed, putting the theater in the dark, but not its fate.
\"Whether we re-sell the lease or run it ourselves, the theater will definitely be open again, although I don\'t know when it will be open,\" said Alan Grosberg . \" He and partner Mark Weisinger sold the lease to Alan Gates in February 1988.
In addition to the regular screening of cult films such as the \"Rock Horror Picture Show\", Gates has been trying to turn the theater into the home of small art organizations such as the St. Digito theater, although the theater was closed five days ago, but the most recent work, The Teahouse of the moon in August, ended on Sunday.
\"I found out without warning at all (Gates\')
Gross Berg said: \"He intends to close the theater because he has been in arrears with us for two or three months, so we have taken over.
\"So now, before we know what\'s going to happen next, we need to figure out the details between him, the landlord and us,\" he said.
Gates could not be reached for comment.
Noma Payne, president of the San Digito theater, also wanted to know.
The troupe was expected to stage a drama in La Paloma next year, while trying to relocate the former St.
John Catholic Church on Melrose Avenue and converted the church into a theater.
\"If the new owner doesn\'t sign with us next season. . .
\"We may not be next season,\" Payne said . \"
La Paloma Theater, built in 1928 by wealthy Santa Monica banker Aubrie Austin, is a theater that combines cinemas and juggling theaters.
This is one of the country\'s first rural theaters to install sound equipment for \"talk ies\", which debuted a year ago.
With the death of juggling during the Great Depression, La Paloma became a complete
Time Cinema
But by the beginning of 1960, the theater had been in disrepair for a long time, and on 1963, after screening Jason and Argo heroes and Ji to Hawaii, the theater was closed.
La Paloma reopened in March 1972-
Under the new ownership, after the urgent need for plastic surgery-with an all-
Woody Gersley charity concert.
Over the next six years, the theater flourished in a mix of concerts, classic film screenings and civic events.
In early 1978, La Paloma was bought by an eccentric North County millionaire, Ed Seykota.
Seykota further upgraded the theater by adding Dolby sound equipment and permanent stage lights.
Over the past seven years, with more concerts, more screenings of classic films, and frequent screenings of surf films, the theater has continued to do well.
On February 1985, Seykota sold the property to Del March developer David Winkler and Ivan Gayler, who signed another 15-
A one-year operating lease was signed with Grossberg and Weisinger.
\"In the next three years, we run the theater ourselves, and we have been very successful,\" grohlberg said . \".
\"Then we were (Alan)
Gates sold him the lease.
\"It seemed like a good deal at the time, but now, I hope we will never do that,\" he said . \".
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