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la la la human steps: fractured love stories for valentine\'s day

by:Marslite     2019-09-23
According to the choreographer Lock ard Lock, the human body is naturally strange.
\"It\'s very strange in shape.
\"It did strange things and it was not easy to understand,\" he said . \".
It can be said that this irregular-shaped vessel, whose slender arms and legs look more strange than usual, when it dances in one of Lock\'s works, like his Montreal-
Los Angeles-based human ladder will perform at Princeton\'s McCarter Theatre on Tuesday.
Although the contemporary premiere was inspired by the classic love story of the big opera house, it is not the usual Valentine\'s Day dessert.
Women work in sharp spots like ballerinas, but the audience should not expect clichés.
Dancing, the feeling of the lock, will only increase the mystery of the body.
\"They are really hard to measure when you see someone moving,\" he said . \".
\"You can\'t define height, weight, proportion, age, or even gender because the sports meet covers up the body.
These perceived difficulties did not upset the choreographer.
Instead, he tends to add this content by playing with stage lights and integrating video clips into live performances.
\"The environment for dance performance is not a cooperative environment,\" he said . \".
\"The light is not on.
They will hide.
All kinds of things hinder the audience\'s ability to fully understand what is presented to them.
\"Lock believes that we learn more when we touch a topic indirectly.
\"We tend to better understand what is not fully revealed, rather than understanding what is fully revealed,\" he said . \".
The new work that La launched in Amsterdam last month was crafted.
But the collaborators, including composer Gavin Briers, Blake Hargreaves and sculptor/set designer Armand Vaillancourt, are actually isolated from each other, Lock said.
Lock and Bryars discuss which parts of the opera \"Dido and Aeneas\" and \"Orfeo ed Euridice\" are most likely to be adapted, but choreographer leaves the composer alone
Gareth finished his work for an indoor orchestra that was small enough to tour, so the music could be performed live (
The saxophone replaces the vocal cords to eliminate the need for lyrics and linear narratives).
The final mix
The electronic score of Up and Hargreaves together provides an abstract sound background for the dance.
Los Angeles human StepsWhere: Matthews Theatre at the center of the McCarter Theatre at Princeton 91 University Square, Tuesday night at 8: 00m.
How much: $20 to $56; call (609)258-
2787 or visit McCarter. org.
\"You basically have two parallel pieces and the audience will put them together,\" Lock said . \".
\"There is a connection.
But they don\'t have to have a plan.
\"Lock, a former film student, has been experimenting with film effects since 1987.
However, in his new work, only dancers Zofia Tujaka and Sandra muhl Bauer appeared in-
The audience saw them become witches.
Lock believes that seeing people in movies will change the way they perceive later, when they show up in person.
He chose to combine the elements of \"Dido\" and \"Orfeo\" because the operas were popular and he wanted the audience to bring musical memories into the theater;
He is also fascinated by the extreme scenes and romantic fantasies contained in these operas.
\"Obviously this is done with great respect,\" Lock said . \".
\"They are masterpieces and don\'t want to comment on them in a rash way.
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