kha seng group seeks to increase event space offerings in kl

by:Marslite     2019-10-03
Given the growing demand for these facilities in Kuala Lumpur, the KHA Seng Group will go all out to promote the space for activities under its real estate development division.
Aaron Soo, group chief executive officer of the company, said that since Kuala Lumpur is an increasingly active city, there is a lot of demand for the city\'s venue space.
\"The success of an event depends on several factors, and location are undoubtedly the most important considerations.
\"The venue means visibility, accessibility, safety, comfort and parking, and when it\'s located in a prime location, it\'s a selling point for the people who manage them, soo said in an interview recently after the unveiling of Kha Seng group\'s collective event space in Kuala Lumpur Jalan Loke Yew\'s Vivatel Kuala Lumpur.
Soo said the group has invested more than 138 yuan to upgrade and renovate its more than square feet of collective activity space, including 62, 000 square feet Star Stage @ KWC at KWC Fashion Mall, 1,000 square feet Expo Hall at Viva family Mall-seater pillar-
The free Grand Ballroom of Vivatel and the highly visible outdoor stage of the Kuala Lumpur Central market are among others.
\"The work is going on in stages and we will definitely invest more money to ensure that the space is equipped with the necessary facilities and equipment,\" said Soo . \" The upgrade, which began in April, is scheduled to be completed in September.
He said the organization believes the space will generate revenue.
A special activity committee has also been set up to oversee the work.
\"The pricing of the site will depend on the size and duration of the event.
\"By hosting more events, we will definitely see more spending in our shopping malls as well as food and beverage stores,\" said Soo . \".
Unlike some of the event spaces, Kha Seng\'s event space is located in a strategic location in the city, in addition to being equipped with parking lots, changing rooms, stage, lighting and security facilities, he added.
Soon, the group will launch a RM60mil wholesale shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, lourang hajitai.
The total development value of retail real estate development similar to the KWC concept is RM90mil.
Kha Seng Group is a fast-growing enterprise Group with strong and good track record in niche retail real estate development.
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