kendrick lamar slammed for inviting white fan on stage then kicking her off for rapping n-word in his lyrics

by:Marslite     2019-09-20
Ken Rick Lamar kicked a white woman off the stage in front of thousands of people.
The words in his own lyrics
The woman named Delaney was invited to the stage by a rapper and had the opportunity to rap with him during the Hangout festival on the Gulf coast of Alabama.
But when she didn\'t miss N-
News from the 2012 th popular M of the Pulitzer PrizeA. A. D.
She was scolded by Lamar and eventually booed out of office.
Some people on social media claimed that the incident was set up by rappers to attract attention.
White Fan Sing N
When she followed the chorus of the song, she repeated it three times.
She sang, \"Man, where are you from?
If you know who, where are you from, my friend?
Where your grandma lives, uh, mine.
Then the rapper cut off the music and said, \"Wait, no, no, wait.
Confused Delaney doesn\'t understand what the problem is: \"Am I not cool enough for you ? \"? What’s up, bro.
Lamar replied, \"You just need one word.
Aware of the problem, Delaney quickly apologized and explained her mistake at the moment.
She said, \"Oh, I\'m sorry. Did I do it?
I\'m sorry . . . . . . I\'m used to singing like you wrote.
\"She asked to stay on stage, and Lamar allowed her to stay on stage, provided she did not say offensive words.
But when the flustered drayny lost his rhythm in his second attempt, he said that the singing hand drove her off the stage and continued his performance.
The event separates social media from people and is seen as a publicity stunt for Lamar.
Twitter from Joe Vargas: ken Rick Lamar stopped his concert because the girl he took to the stage to sing his song said all the lyrics & because she was white, shouldn\'t she say songs?
\"Ken Rick can take L for this.
Don\'t use the word if you don\'t want your fans to say.
\"Even though bc makes music for others to appreciate, listen and even sing, it\'s too stupid,\" Emily Baptista wrote . \".
\"So, when they just rap/sing the lyrics, it\'s wrong how to say what\'s in the lyrics.
\"Don\'t put it in the song if they don\'t want white people to say it.
But some people stood on the side of the star and said, \"The question I gave to white people.
How can you call yourself a fan of ken Rick Lamar and think you can say
Simultaneous words (
This is a problem itself)?
Are you really a fan?
Of all his songs, didn\'t you hear what he was saying? ? ?
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