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\"Turn off the lights, turn off the lights!
\"When nelly Furtado sings these lyrics at the free Earth Hour concert at nathan Phillips Square tonight, it will be a loud call to plead with music lovers all over GTA to do their part
Organizers have planned a program designed to reduce environmental impact-using minimal lighting and encouraging the audience to drag on --a-
The first is the mug and the purchase of carbon compensation.
Nevertheless, these efforts are only a small part of the initiative that can be obtained by the organisers of bhartoconcert, said environmental consultant Lee Schnaiberg.
Several festivals, including Bonnaroo in Tennessee, are coordinating greening efforts and are considered one of the greenest in the world.
Toronto, it\'s big-
Concerts and booming summer outdoor festivals still have a long way to go, he said. Comparedto U. S.
City of the same size, we are behind on Earth
It was a friendly performance, schneberg said.
Schneberg insists that while the Holy Grail-an event that leaves absolutely no carbon footprint-is elusive, it is by no means impossible.
\"You just have to plan it,\" he said . \"
It seems like a little thing compared to a lot of waste
The scale festival can be generated, but it is the first contact for any concert.
Recycled paper is obviously a start, but there are other options.
Li schneberg, environmental consultant working with the Green Life exhibition (
Held next month)
Last year, exhibition organizers used recycled paper tickets embedded in wild flower seeds.
\"The idea is that when you go home, you can soak it, plant it, and then eventually raise flowers,\" he said . \".
This approach applies to smaller events that do not require tickets with security features such as holographic or watermark.
Another option for sponsors is to use companies like California
Based on ticketing, plant a tree for each ticket purchased through a broker.
On the technical side, just this week, Rogers announced a project called \"Wireless Box Office\", which eliminated paper tickets, but sent concert tickets to mobile phones through text messages with bar codes, bar codes can be scanned at the door.
I am a traffic/tourist reverb in Portland.
Have been working with bands to push their green efforts to the organization.
Since 2004, the organization has provided services for 50 tours and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 28,000 tons.
Tourism pollution is one of the main causes of concert pollution.
\"We like to use biodiesel fuel;
We usually use B.
20, although in some ways we have reached B-
100, great, \"said Brian Allenby, executive director of Reverb.
\"After we took all the steps we could do, we started looking for carbon compensation to fill in the rest of the parts, like flights that happened during the trip, because in most cases, there is no real way to solve this problem.
\"Another option for road travel is the good old man --
Old-fashioned carpooling.
For example, since Montreal\'s Osheaga Music Festival is held after the Virgin Festival in Toronto, many artists who have performed at these two festivals can share travel resources.
Reverb also works with artists to green their riders-a list of what they want at the venue.
This is beyond the band\'s range of drinking and eating in the background.
This is a question of working with venues to assess their supply.
A perfect example is to make sure that the Cup in the venue is biodegradable or reusable
Available in some way.
\"Think about how much beer you drink at a concert or a festival,\" said allby . \".
We use corn cups and sugar.
So they will disappear in four to six weeks, and plastic will take years, or in some cases, never.
\"In terms of festive food, the key is to try to use local suppliers and organic food.
The same is true of the goods soldsite.
A little effort will ensure that T-
Shirts are made of organic cotton and souvenirs are provided by environmental suppliers.
In addition to air travel, energy is one of the biggest environmental problems of the festival.
Most outdoor concerts and festivals are performed on generators, so use B-20 (
Fuel made of 80 diesel and 20 biodiesel)or even B-
100 is the first step. But the cleaner
Schnaiberg warns that a replacement for burning regular diesel is not a perfect fuel.
He explained that when biodiesel first passes through the machine, higher concentrations of biodiesel clear the generator.
If you\'re using B.
99, your generator will be splashed in the first week or so.
It got gunk out, but it\'s not that good because you have to run for a week in order for it to work smoothly.
So you can only use B-
20 people on stage
\"Of course, it all depends on the level of commitment.
Schnaiberg said that at last year\'s Osheaga Festival, the organizers dug the main stage of the line at the Quebec hydropower company and provided the hydropower companyelectricity.
\"We eliminated five generators of about 150 to 200 KW units,\" he said . \".
Schnaiberg said it also reduced the carbon footprint of the festival and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by up to 100 tons.
In Africa
The stage lights, such as the lights on the sidewalk, also have the option of using fluorescent paint.
Companies like AmericaS. -
Providing solar energy based on sustainable waves and Carmanah in BC-
Building and solar power
They are power poles.
If you go to the Nelly Furtado show, be sure to pay tribute to the green angel.
They are volunteers and they will politely point out where things are going next to recycling and bins.
Even if a facility has garbage, recycling and waste containers, they are only as good as the people who use them.
\"We expect to have 5,000 to 10,000 people, so our green angel will tell people which bin to use.
But don\'t worry, they will do it in a friendly, loving way, \"said Nathan Rosenberg of Virgin Mobile Canada, who is helping the show.
Schnaiberg said that when recycling on a large scale, inappropriate classification can bring huge confusion to the organizers.
\"If you take some shortcuts, you will find yourself having a bigger problem.
Getting rid of waste is going to cost, so in many cases this is in the organizer (best interests)
Reduce or find a way to transfer it to a landfill
\"He proudly said that about the waste at the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee was transferred from the landfill and they were in-site.
One of the companies they use is waste. a-
Turn solid waste into a picnic table and parking guide.
The audience welcomes all the artists do to minimize the carbon footprint of the performance, and most of the environmental impact on the concert or music festival comes from the audience.
According to reverb estimates, 80 of the concert\'s carbon footprint is commuting from fans.
The Hillside Festival in Guelph is a good example, it is known for its green environment, but given its location, most people drive there.
There are obvious ways to reduce this situation.
Jack Johnson has a fan.
Over the years, he launched the carpooling initiative on the website, and bands such as Barenaked Ladies offset millions of kilometers of driving through fan carbon offset projects. As many planet-
The Save program is like saying that we are all together and fans need to consider doing their part by bringing reusable containers to a venue, or make sure they throw the jar in the right recycle bin.
\"Really, fans are the biggest part, and what we really want to do is let them think about their impact,\" said allby of reverb . \".
\"If we can get them to do one thing, hopefully it will lead to another thing, another thing.
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