kanye west might have called out drake for stealing stage design

by:Marslite     2019-10-07
To be sure, when Kanye West showed his stage at the first stop of this year\'s San Pablo tour, he completely changed the concert experience with a floating platform.
Now, he accused the rapper of stealing the same stage design.
A lot of people think he\'s a partner for future albums, Drake.
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\"This is the original.
\"Don\'t accept imitation products,\" he said loudly . \"
\"Brothers, the blacks are imitating my things.
Steal our stuff, steal the stage.
Copy our stuff. to-
\"One,\" continued West, who was captured by fans in the video.
Many media have concluded that West, who made comments in Canada, specializes in Drake, who has been touring to support his album Views.
Some of the tourist stations include surprise appearances by West.
Earlier this month, some fans found similarities in their respective stages.
Drake really copied Kanye\'s stage lamp, lmao-
Malcolm in Mayo (@Fly_Malcolm_X)
In October 16, 2016, Drake copied the light show of Kanye directly.
How long will there be a floating stage? —Nash Faulk (@nashfaulk)
Photo of the champagne released on October 11, 2016 (@champagnepapi)
At 11: 39 P. M. on October 8, 2016, PDTWest had to deal with a lot of imitation when it came to the Yeezy brand
Travel from the coveted San Pablo merch to Adidas footwear collection.
No matter who West really refers to, he is never afraid to start pressing the \"ye\" button to surprise people, so the answer may be revealed soon.
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