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johnny marr revisits electronic and the smiths, displays power of new solo album on stage in chicago

by:Marslite     2019-09-20
\"You \'d better text that it\'s f---
\"It\'s great,\" Johnny marl jokingly told fans on stage during a trip to the \"comet\" in Chicago last week.
\"Because it is.
\"It\'s a kind of self.
Rest assured of the best moments of the car show.
Following his cooperative work
Smith\'s songwriter and guitarist, Marr, consolidated his position as one of his generation\'s most influential and uniquely identified guitarists, thanks to The new order of electronic products Bernard Sue has groups like The, The, Cribs, Modest rats and therapists, recently, in the process of three critically acclaimed solo albums.
This is the track he recently created in his studio, the comet of last June, which dominated the list at The Vic Theater in Chicago.
In such an era, artists with catalogues like Marr are expected to embrace nostalgia and roll out popular works, seeing that Marr not only wants to push live performances forward, but audiences also like new music, this is refreshing.
For more than 40 years of his career, \"call Comet\" was Marr\'s most successful solo release, and last week in Chicago, the guitarist went straight into it to track the album\'s second track ,\"
\"Nice to meet all of you! ” said Marr.
\"The weekend starts here!
He went on to laugh at the Monday night scene and then describe the new \"out of the day\" as a song about obsession.
Marr also did not waste time visiting the Smith family again, with a second tap at night on the jangly guitar that defined \"big mouth strike again.
Marr\'s sharp guitar, as always, is infectious and effective, plus solid vocal performances, it\'s hard for Smith singer Morrissey to miss out on any bragging Smith track.
Marr recently told Forbes that \"it\'s a privilege as a person,\" because there\'s such a huge catalogue on stage to draw on.
\"I think, in any case, when you reach a certain point in your life, you have to be calm about your past.
Whatever you\'re doing, \"continued the guitarist.
\"The coming of pragmatism is actually because I\'m just going, \'You know, what if I go through all my directories, including the e-subdirectory, and now my current team is absolutely playing well?
We can pick some of these songs and make them sound like they were written yesterday.
\"One of the highlights of the stage at Vienna International Centre is the\" get rid of it \"performance of the electronics company 1991 self-titled debut.
Marr danced on the guitar for a while, dancing and rocking as the song was established.
The performance on Monday was impressive, with Marr\'s guitar running through what he called the \"Manchester disco song\" dance track.
Starting with the new album \"walk into the sea\", before the electronic cut, Marr\'s strong three\'s bassist and keyboard player
A backing band jumped in on the backing sound.
\"Who needs the effect when you can? -k with tuning?
Marr exaggerated to ask, began playing the trademark guitar, defining Smith\'s \"How long has it been now ? \"?
\"To close the main collection.
\"This is dedicated to everyone here tonight, no one else,\" marl announced on the Encore program that the house lit up when the crowd was \"there is a lamp that will never go out\"
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