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jedward unleash wacky antics on happy crowd

by:Marslite     2019-09-28
Loyal ARKLOW and Co.
Wicklow jerdehua\'s fans were so \"on fire\" at the weekend concert that the pop star twins released fire extinguishers as part of their quirky performance at lamburton\'s show.
Droves of worship Jed Hyde took part in this year\'s fund-raising performance at the hairezer festival.
Dublin twins Jedward had hair left.
Improve the performance, just like one of them climbed up the lighting equipment on the curved edge of the stage.
Crowd crazy for their chart
Returning to the top heroes in the news again this week released their own European Championship football theme song \"wear a green cloak\".
The event, organized by the Seabreeze Committee, was considered a huge success, and many young fans were delighted to see their favorite stars return to town for the second time in less than a year.
The boy band Avenue and the singer gave support the same day.
Song author Keith Cullen
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