iphone 8 and 8 plus review roundup: what critics love and hate

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
The first reviews of Apple\'s new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are rolling out one after another, and critics seem happy --
Even if they are not completely dizzy.
While most people like the new camera, some commenters have encountered errors in the lighting of the new portrait mode, which is still in the testing phase.
The new speakers also won applause, and Apple\'s super-fast A11 Bionic CPU won applause.
However, most people are not excited about the aging design of smartphones and the LCD screen, as they are not supported compared to what you get in the flagship Android device and the upcoming iPhone X.
Will the IPhone 8 and 8 Plus phones be something you\'ll love, or will you regret when the iPhone X makes its debut in a few months?
That\'s what critics say.
Tom\'s Guide in his comments, Tom\'s Guide editorin-
Chief Correspondent Mark sponor noted that \"the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are not just solatios in the Apple Spotlight --
Take up the flagship.
\"Not all phones are perfect, though, because he emphasizes that the phone is behind competitors in design and puts many demands on its special charging function.
\"IPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are the best --
The photo I saw from my phone, \"Tom\'s Guide Mark sponor,\" has a bigger and faster sensor, 12-
Millions of pixel cameras on IPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus take some of the best photos
The photos I saw from my phone.
In fact, I \'ve taken more photos than our favorite camera phone, the stellar Galaxy Note 8.
\"On geektron 4, which measures overall performance, the iPhone 8 has a multi-core score of 10,170 in another league. [That\'s]
54% faster than the fastest Android flagship.
\"Bad\" baffle so big late
Compared to the iPhone X and the Galaxy S8 and other Android phones that are moving towards the edge, the 2017 phones on and below the display seem outdatedto-edge route.
I\'m complaining about more than aesthetics.
Having a smaller bezel makes it easier to use a single-handed phone and puts it in the front pocket.
\"The IPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus can reach 50% of the charging time in just 30 minutes with a wired connection, but only if you want to invest in an extra device.
You need to be 29-watt USB-
C power adapter ($49)and a USB-
C to Lightning cable ($15 to $25).
Considering that there is a fast wired charging adapter and cable in the phone box like Galaxy S8, this is very bad.
\"VergeIn in his comments, Edge editor --in-
Director Nilay Patel expressed admiration for the camera, cpu and AR benefits of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, but said for those with last year\'s iPhone 7 or 7 Plus in their pockets, this new phone is not a must. \"the [
Augmented reality
Tracking is much better than anything I \'ve ever seen.
These things will be very interesting with its launch. \" —
Nilay Patel, we used the iPhone 8, Pixel XL and S8, and the Edge \"good\" that the iPhone 7 was shooting around on auto, and the iPhone 8 made the group\'s most consistent and rich images, the upgraded stereo speaker for the iPhone 8 is impressive.
Like the iPhone 7, the headset becomes very loud as a second speaker, but now the sound of the entire system is as high as 25%.
You can hear the real stereo separation, which is wild. \"\"I use a non-
The AR star watching app has always been called SkyView Free, AR-
Enabling Sky Guide AR is a special revelation
Tracking is much better than anything I \'ve ever seen.
These things will be very interesting with its launch.
After spending a week with 8, I can\'t think of a compelling reason to upgrade from iPhone 7.
7 is still very fast, offering almost the same design in a lighter package with a larger battery, and will get almost all the features of 8 in iOS 11.
If you really want Qi wireless charging, you can get a $15 box that supports it.
If you desire Portrait Lighting, there are a lot of photo apps in the App Store that offer similar effects.
\"If I don\'t point out that there is no headphone jack, I will be remiss, which is still very annoying on every phone that omits the headset.
Apple\'s own headset dongle is one of the lowest
There is only one product rating in the Apple store. 5 stars.
For a year now, the Lightning Audio ecosystem is still very immature.
Apple cleans up all these wireless audio settings for more reasons.
His main technology
Positive comments by TechCrunch editors-in-
Chief Matthew Panzarino is very concerned about the camera of the new iphone, and he noted when he started his review, \"This is a camera review.
\"The benefits of stage lighting require more effort, but when you nail it, the software is able to do its job by accurately detecting the shape of the hair and head, it really makes you—
TechCrunch Matthew Panzarino, \"the return on the back of the glass will be a love --it-or-hate-
It features the iPhone 8.
But it\'s a kind of love for me.
Ever since I gave up my iPhone 4S, I have been missing the feeling that both sides of my phone are covered in glass.
There are some problems with the texture of glass.
It is smoother than aluminum but usually less slippery and easier to catch. \"\"[Portrait mode]
Social networking and telephone Internet will be flooded with studio and profile options
Once people get the iPhone 8 plus, it will be wider.
Stage lighting takes a lot more effort, but when you nail it and the software is able to do its job by accurately detecting the shape of the hair and head, it really surprises you.
It can produce images that feel professional and require dozens of lights and several pieces of equipment to complete.
\"Bad\" because [
Portrait Lighting
It\'s still in the testing phase, and it\'s clear that it\'s going to have some problems right now, like curly hair or fine hair.
Although it is not perfect, it still leaves a deep impression.
\"In CNET\'s comments on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Scott Stein of CNET approved a larger model, but did not see the need for a smaller phone. Skip the 8 --
But look at 8 Plus and X. —
Scott Stein of CNET
IPhone 8 Plus]
The camera that was great a year ago has become more delicate and magical. looking.
I \'ve been using it for almost a week and so has James Martin, a senior CNET photographer.
We were all impressed. \"\". . .
The level of graphic detail in the ARKit app is amazing: it feels richer than virtual reality, even if in a sense it is less immersive. \"The Bad\"My [Portrait Mode]
Mileage varies: sometimes the effect is amazing, but sometimes it looks very fake and it\'s weird to cut.
I won\'t upgrade my phone for this, but it\'s fun to play.
There is no doubt that the situation will improve.
\"Unless iPhone 7 users have been anxiously waiting for wireless charging, they won\'t see much difference here.
I \'d say they can skip 8--
But they should look at 8 Plus and X.
In his comments on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, EngadgetIn senior editor Chris Velazco approved Apple\'s return to full
Glass design and praise for the new camera.
However, he does not believe that the iPhone 8 screen is comparable to the competitor\'s screen.
I can\'t help but be disappointed that both new phones don\'t support HDR content. —
Some people are right about Apple\'s shift from the main metal body.
Who hasn\'t seen anyone still using an iPhone with a broken screen? . . .
These gloating glassier 8 s are still nick-
A week after being thrown into hell in my backpack, free.
\"\" My test photo has more influential colors and more details than the same photo taken with 7 Plus.
The IPhone 7 Plus camera smoothed out a little bit of nuance as Apple\'s new camera became clearer.
In most daytime shots, photos taken by the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are more detailed than Samsung\'s Galaxy Note 8.
The difference is subtle, but it must exist.
The screens used in IPhone 8 and 8 Plus are basically the same as the ones they intend to replace.
\"I can\'t help but be disappointed that both new phones don\'t support HDR content.
Services like Amazon Prime and Netflix have slowly made these extra
Powerful Video is easier to access, and I was recently vandalized by screens in devices like Galaxy Note 8 and LG v30.
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