inside the disastrous love lives of movie legends laurel and hardy who had nine ‘wives’ between them and a string of affairs

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One is thin, one is fat, one is British, one is American, but Laurel and Hardy are the same when it comes to love-they are all completely different disasters.
The film\'s comedy legend was known for its funny and stupid farce in the 1920 s, during which there were seven wives.
Then it\'s long-
Term girlfriend and affairs, coupled with unusual clues to broken hearts and broken bank balances.
This would certainly have left Stan Laurel scratching his head in confusion, and Oliver Hardy condemned the tangles, the title of their film \"another mess.
The new movie Stan, starring Steve Coogan, and John C. Riley, as his circle assistant, will tell the story of the couple being hit by tiring private lives in their later years.
When it expires next year, Stan and Oli will follow the bowler-
In 1953, they toured the UK as they tried to improve their flagging career and finances.
Stan had his fourth wife and fifth marriage by then.
He married a woman twice.
Ollie is called \"Baby\" by a friend and this is his third time.
After the death of the two, their lawyer, Ben Shipman, said: \"Such a lovely person.
But oh, the problems they might have!
Stan, especially, but baby.
Most of them are women.
\"Stan\'s first love, Australian actress Mei Dalberg, is definitely a hassle.
The two met about 1921 people 11 years later in the Lake District.
Born in Stan, he joined a touring comedy troupe, where he spoke to another man named Charlie.
When the group of young people toured the United States, Stan Jefferson at the time decided to stay and try to succeed in the new silent film industry.
He and May began to live together after meeting on set, and May suggested that he change his last name to Laurel.
She felt bad luck with his old name because there were 13 letters in it.
Then, even though the couple never got married, she adopted the surname herself --
It may be because she has a husband in Melbourne even though she claims to be a widow.
The actress is also known for being \"grumpy.
The producers were very wary of her, so Mae didn\'t show up when they offered Stan a combination of 12 comedy films.
1925, when Mae was deemed to have prevented his inevitable fame, film producer Joe Rock provided her with a cash settlement and-
Ticket below. She accepted.
A year later, Stan married California actress Louis Nielsen.
In the same year, his career really started because he starred in a movie with producer Hal Roach.
A 45-minute drive from Hollywood is comedy gold.
In 1927, they were arranged together as a pair to film their first \"official\" film, putting on Philip\'s pants.
This is the beginning of the greatest double show ever in the entertainment circle, which only gets better when the conversation starts.
Steve Kugan called them genius and their jokes still made us laugh (
Ollie: \"Call me a taxi.
Stan: \"You\'re a taxi. ”).
They went on to make dozens of movies that made millions of fans laugh.
At the same time, Stan\'s family life can only make people cry.
Writer John Connolly\'s novel \"He is based on Stan Laurel\'s life\" was published this month by Hodder & Stoughton, who said: \"even if he and Lois Laurel have started a relationship with French actress Alisa adder.
The child, a girl named Lois, died last month at the age of 89.
The couple also had a son named Stanley, who died nine days ago.
Stan and Lois divorced in 1933 and Lois sued him for paying nearly £ 15,000 a month for modern expenses to sustain their daughter\'s luxurious life.
Bills include money for drivers, tutors and chefs, and trips to beauty salons.
According to Connolly, Stan always regrets getting divorced from Lois and even tries to win her back when she is married to her second and fourth wife, Virginia Ruth Rogers. These two ill-
From 1935 to 1937, and then from 1941 to 1946, combined with Ruth\'s destined
The singer Vera Ivanova Shuvalova finished a more disastrous third game.
Just five weeks before they got married, he met the fiery Russian who had little ink to dry when he divorced Ruth.
They eloped and got married in Yuma, Arizona, and were chased by Ruth.
She arrived on the day of the wedding and asked the authorities to stop the wedding because she was the real Mrs. Laurel.
After Stan presented his divorce documents to officials, the ceremony continued, and it is certain that Villa insisted that they had a second wedding a month later.
Their intense coalition lasted a little over a year, full of drunken fights and arrests for her driving without a license and his drunk driving.
In her divorce proceedings, her lawyer claimed that she found Stan digging a hole in the backyard, and when asked what it was for, he replied: \"shuvarova, let
\"He rebutted the Vera charges that Vera was 18 years younger than him, attacked him by phone, threatened him with a frying pan full of potatoes, and threw sand into his eyes.
He said to the court: \"She has a very good temper.
At the same time, Ruth sometimes sends people to save the fire to deal with the fictional fire in the couple\'s home.
He finally sued her for stalking.
No wonder Laurel came back to Ruth after his marriage with Vera, and people couldn\'t help but ask him.
They got married again in 1941.
But they divorced again in 1946, the same year Stan married Ida Kitaeva Raphael, the widow of a musician.
It was ultimately a constant love that lasted until 1965, when Stein died of a heart attack at the age of 74.
Ollie found only lasting love in his later years.
He was the son of an American Civil War veteran who grew up in Georgia but moved to Florida in 1913, 21, to become a juggling star.
There he met singer Madeline Saloshin who got married the same year before moving to Hollywood.
But seven years later, he left her to find actress Myrtle Reeves, an alcoholic with mental health problems, who went in and out of the nursing home.
Writer John Connolly said: \"Once she locked herself in the hotel room and threatened to jump off the window.
The police, firefighters and a group of newspaper reporters had a panoramic view.
Madelyn and Myrtle both went after Ollie for money, and Ollie even lay in bed years later to distribute legal documents.
Ollie\'s marriage to Myrtle broke down due to divorceof-A Morse Viola. Their long-
According to reports, the word romance is based on their common love of gambling and close
Viola crashed her car after taking the dose.
Though she miraculously survived.
Finally, in 1939, Ollie met the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with Virginia Lucille Jones.
They met in the proper playing environment, when Lucille, as we all know, was the script girl in his movie \"Flying Deuces\" and hit his head on the lighting equipment.
When she was taken away by a stretcher, Ollie was blocked by her beauty in his footsteps.
They got married in 1940, and Lucille was the one who looked after him in 1956, when a major stroke deprived him of his voice and forced him to stay in bed.
He suffered another stroke twice the following year and died on 1957 at the age of 65.
Stan won\'t work anymore.
Soon after, he admitted in a letter: \"I miss him more than anyone else and feel very lost.
As writer Neil Brand wrote the acclaimed radio drama Stan: \"There is no doubt that Ollie\'s most successful marriage is with Stan.
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