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by:Marslite     2019-10-17
Imagine a festival of lights without lights.
It\'s hard, right?
That\'s why we shop at CT at the Chaney market, Kanning Street, Bagri market and garearhart to discover the light of innovation
There are manufacturers in Kolkata.
We found the experience enlightening!
From decorative diyas and floating candles everywhere, there are thousands of shining lights that illuminate your home.
While capsule LED, disco light, rope light, emergency light and tree light are popular among Diwali shoppers this year, the multi-color flash Ice Light LED glows when put into water, when operated with a remote control, the pataka LED pops up like a cookie and sells like a hot cake.
\"They are the first choice this year, and the cost is between 200 and.
The finishing, longevity and quality of Chinese products is much better than that of local products, \"said Md Irshad, owner of the shop opening in Chandni.
For shoppers, most find it difficult to choose the right choice.
\"My kids love bright lights and I have a lot of options this year!
I bought non-smoking candles because they look good and don\'t pollute.
I also bought the traditional but colorful diyas that must be bought for Diwali.
\"Multi-color flash ice LED is very popular with children,\" said city resident Ravi Bhalotia . \".
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