in the dark room with mantak chia

by:Marslite     2019-09-15
Having studied with Mantak Chia since 1981, having obtained his certification two years later, teaching the basics of qigong and continuing to obtain more multi-level certifications, I am obviously very fascinated by his teaching system.
Not surprisingly, I would travel to Thailand within 24 hours, where he created a unique treatment spa where he also offered courses on the Universal Channel system.
The name of this five-star spa is Tao Garden, which can also be called Eden ii \".
Lush gardens are everywhere, offering organic fruits and vegetables (
Animal products)
We have a hearty buffet three times a day.
Through specific tests, you can find the best type of food that suits you through analysis.
The reasonable price of the attractive service treasure basin provides an easy way for you to focus on yourself, which is comprehensive and gratifying, or sometimes it\'s really very close to the challenges you face when you work and you may feel the shift is happening.
After the course, I made friends with participants in at least three dark rooms two days before leaving home and told me that they were very satisfied with the treatment they received, they then extended their stay in encores.
The highest intention of Mantak Chia is to interest the client and be the best therapist of their own.
His dozens of best-selling books and DVDs were not written to simply read and put on hold.
Internal information requires you to practice such a clear technique.
Then do these things every day, and in the end you are like me, rarely need to find an authority other than yourself to easily change your figure.
Of course, it is better to also receive research from certified lecturers.
I came to Thailand and continued my never ending self
Healing Tour, retreat to a completely dark apartment building (
Waterproof cloth through all windows and doors of the building. )
I have my own room to rest.
This is the last week of the four-week course offered within the group space.
Comfortable air conditioning throughout the process.
Quiet environment provides international
Three activity classes a day.
I waited a long time and I thought I was lucky enough to attend the first offer of Chia teaches, by far the highest level, eventually teaching in a dark room and qualifying, \"Seal of five officials \".
Course includes conversation-
Through meditation, these Alchemy Formulas train you to better seek the light.
Darkness provides a perfect environment for us to recognize that our external eyes are not the only ones we can train to see.
A thorough scientific assessment of what happens to brain chemicals that enable you to \"see in the dark\", which are written down and can be read.
My personal journey is to take advantage of the high-tide energy of happiness that we call the \"sperm\" training.
The power of the ovary \"is enhanced and sent to the whole body.
This is a source of healing that can be sent to these levels in the body, spirit, emotion, spirit and energy, allowing us humans to uniquely train ourselves into a more harmonious state of being.
We can extend ourselves to many dimensions and begin to understand that we are unlimited beings.
So, in addition to having wonderful experiences in meditation, every moment in the dark allows me to really see the light that forms the illusion, so real that I often reach out to touch them.
Many of us have seen similar Cave images. like walls.
\"Mine\" is an art and exquisite carving with ancient Siam images. (
By the end of the course, the changes described by others were more detailed and some less than my own. )
The walls are flashing with changing colored lights, as illuminated by stage lighting experts.
When I turn the head left or right, the image sometimes moves, or other times it \"growls\" into something else.
There are other changes to my experience, and another example is to see that the accumulated cloud is thick, similar to the cloud I recently appreciated from the window when I was flying.
Until now, at a certain point, the sky seemed to open, revealing the dark sky, filled with the thick stars that I seemed to soar. )
Most of the time, I feel safe and don\'t leave my body often in my body.
The journey was not always easy as I was asked to find the stairs to my room multiple times.
However, when I received a plastic bag full of vegetarian options and shipped it to my room and sat comfortably in a comfortable chair, I chewed and tasted every bite of bread I had never had before
No interference was provided.
I slept a lot, but after a few days I was filled with amazing energy, getting up and meditating, or doing qigong or stretching on my bed or on the floor of the big room.
I even made the 108 Yang long form in the dark!
I am very happy that I have achieved this goal.
This is the vision pursuit of the highest quality.
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