in praise of latin night at the queer club

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
If you\'re lucky, they\'ll play some Latin cheese, the Aventura song 15 years ago.
There will be drag queen if you are lucky and if so they will definitely be quick, razor
Their humor is sharp and gives you a show of cutting and healing at the same time.
If you are lucky, you will go.
Boys, all kinds of brown colors.
Maybe your mom blessed you on the way out.
Maybe she packs you a plate in the fridge so you don\'t go home and mess up her kitchen because of hunger.
Maybe your Tia got you off the bus and gave you the taxi money back home.
Maybe you need a nanny.
Maybe you haven\'t come out to meet your family yet, maybe your family kicked you out years ago.
Forget it. You survived.
Maybe your boo stays at home and doesn\'t feel it, but blows up your phone with sweet text messages trying to make sure you don\'t get lost.
Maybe you are allowed to wander
Maybe you are flush, maybe you have nothing and look at your beautiful face. I hope someone can invite you to a drink.
Maybe half of you. Latin-
Ass can\'t even speak Spanish.
Maybe you can hardly speak English.
Maybe you don\'t have a certificate.
Outside, there is a world that politicizes all aspects of your identity.
Missionaries with multiple beliefs, mainly self-
Christians condemn you to hell.
Outside, they say you hate it.
Outside, there is a news media that seems to have two aspects in the debate about the use of public bathrooms by transgender people.
Outside, a presidential candidate built a platform between the United States and Mexico.
People not only believe that garbage is possible, but also think that garbage is necessary.
Outside the country, Puerto Rico remains a colony that is allowed to be heavily indebted and has no right to file for bankruptcy and to protect itself.
Outside, there are more than 100 bills for you, your choices, your people that are pending in various states.
You know violence.
You know violence.
You\'re gay, you\'re brown, you know violence.
You know a macho, a macho, a stupid man with his own vulnerability.
You learn basic cool safety, and you learn to scan at will and quickly before any public display of emotions.
Outside, the world can be fatal to you and your kind. Lord knows.
But inside, it\'s big and sexy.
If you\'re lucky, here\'s a bunch of mixed-blood kids with Muscle Mary, Boise, fegum, butch dykes and genists.
No one is wearing too much clothes if you are lucky, and the dance floor is full of people.
They will play reggaeton, salsa if you are lucky, and you can move.
People talk about liberation as a permanent state, just like you get Liberation, you get some rights, that\'s it, you get some recognition, that\'s it, happy now?
But you go back to its mud every day;
The world is shrinking.
Do you know what\'s across the street from cool club\'s Latin night?
Another day in the United States
So when you walk into the club, you will feel happy if you are lucky.
\"Safe space\" is old-fashioned in our words, overused and exhausted, but the fact remains that security changes the body and the mind.
Many of us walk through the world without it.
So, when you walk into the door, it\'s the beat of salsa dance, the brown body, the eccentric body, twisting in some fake smoke and stroking lights, no matter how cool, how-
You think you are, the Latin night at cool club broke your cool.
You can\'t help smiling. This is for you. It\'s for us.
Outside, tomorrow, hangover, regret, torture.
Outside, tomorrow, the struggle to change.
But it doesn\'t matter if it\'s inside tonight.
Tonight, the only thing you have to do inside is love.
Circle the bar, go out and smoke, go back inside, ammonia and sweat, the floor is a little cheesy, have another drink, the top priority is to relax, find religion, lose it, discover that your hips are locked in the hips of another person, rest and dance alone for a while --
But you\'re not here to be a nun.
Find your lips on someone else\'s lips, rest, find your friends and dance.
The only priority is to transform under disco lights.
To be relaxed, to relax, to see yourself reflected in the beauty of others.
You are not here for martyrs, but to live, Papi.
To live, mamacita. To live, hijos.
To live, mariposas.
The media will shift dialogue from homophobic terrorism at home to American terrorism against the United States.
Islamic narrative.
Bold politicians-
Republicans who voted against gay rights and gun control
The Holocaust will be seized and distorted to support their agenda.
But I would like to say that at cool club, the holy night of Latin.
In all the noise, I want to close my eyes and see you dancing there, free and free from aggression.
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