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More than 20 years ago, at 1993 Edinburgh fringe Olympic Games, actor Robert Gooler performed well. received one-
It was directed by his brother David.
According to PG Wodehouse 1938 novel \"the passcode of The Suitor\", Robert mainly plays the idle rich Bertie Worcester, but is a fictional country house when it comes to his weakness in tollita.
Even so, the brothers know that Wodehouse is very popular in India.
They came here in their 1980 s and noticed that even the oldest English phrases are still popular.
A learned old Mr Patsy even ticked them, \"You murdered your native language, to be honest.
Why can\'t you be more like PG Wodehouse?
Looking back, David said, \"I really don\'t know if the appeal of waldhouse in India is due to colonial legacy issues.
I think our sense of humor is more likely to be shared, sometimes on very trivial matters.
They were negotiating a visit to India with the British Council at the time, but the plans failed.
Now, when they were in their fifties, the brothers finally made a complete overhaul in India, and now they are called Jeeves and Wooster in complete nonsense.
Their fringe outing won supporters of the West End premiere, which has been running successfully at the Duke of York Theatre since 2013 and won the Olivier Award.
Initially skeptical about how the show will move to a larger stage, the initial form was saved.
Worcester himself always tells the books of Jeeves and Worcester in the first person, so there is already a narrator.
David said, \"This perfectly combines a person --man show.
This time, we created Worcester\'s own ego that we wanted to show --
Because his colleagues at the club have told him many times that he is a good player.
\"It is expected that he will encounter the first obstacle, and Jeeves has the responsibility to save the day and maintain the illusion of acting by playing multiple characters that appear in the story.
An older valet, Seppings, is a secondary character in Wodehouse\'s novel, enriching life for the original Wooster Robert.
Sean Foley, one of the greatest geniuses in the West End, half of \"smash double\"
Act, the show I wrote, may be described as a master of contemporary farce, stepping in as an adaptation director.
\"The best laugh in the play comes from the physical comedy he introduced,\" David said . \".
The benign entertainment that may be experienced when reading books is replaced by a large number of scenes during this \"fast and furious version\" of the show, and ultimately, the flowery rhetoric and hilarious plot of Waterhouse gave them the pantomime treatment they deserved.
A happy coincidence that helps produce, 100-
2015 is the anniversary of the story of Jeeves.
According to reports, the surge in sales of Wodehouse titles can be attributed to the emergence of centennial celebrations and popular West End shows.
Many programs see a large number of students entering.
Avinash Shankar of the blank slate took part in an exhibition like this that he wanted to bring to India.
This is an ambitious undertaking that has finally yielded results.
The transition to the Jamshed Bhabha Theater at NCPA is not without hiccups.
The original lighting scheme included the clever burning oil lamp, which aroused the faint old lamp
The world Manor background of the book.
Here, the traditional stage lights will try to recreate the same atmosphere.
A shipment from London, a large part of the show\'s set design, was canceled in a short time.
Cleverly, Shankar\'s team was able to build each element from scratch in the production blueprint, restoring the noble costumes that were the mainstay of it.
\"I think it\'s better than the original one,\" said David . \".
Perhaps to offset the expected high cost of staging, perhaps to show that purchasing power parity of the Indian elite is rising, and the price of tickets has been consistent with the UK access rate of the show (roughly £20 -£80).
For a media company that first got into a theater business, it was a gamble.
When we heard it, our chin fell.
I really hope we don\'t just act on people who are very privileged.
Our drama is for a variety of audiences, really.
However, this is understandable at the top
In the untested market, first-line international live entertainment will be launched at a high price.
Perhaps, this is just the tip of the iceberg and will bring more affordable fares in the future.
Jeeves and Wooster perform at the Jamshed Bhabha Theater in NCPA from January 8-1 -august 10 (
There are two shows every day at four o\'clock P. M. and eight o\'clock P. M).
Tickets are available at bookmyshow.
Or at the NCPA box office. (
The author is a drama critic and a freelance writer)
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