i would never ask an audience to put their hands in the air were i not willing to do the same

by:Marslite     2019-10-14
When I go on stage, it is my primary responsibility to make sure that the people who attend my concert are happy, and it is my duty not to take it lightly.
Thousands of people rely on me to perform an exciting performance, and every single fan of mine believes that I will not only do what is necessary for them to have an unforgettable night, and it\'s vital that we do the right thing.
So, in order to remove any doubts I have about this or any of the people of the amphitheater, let me assure you: I will never, if I am not willing to do so myself, ask the audience to put their hands in the air.
In short, when I made such a heavy order, I was fully prepared to join the audience at every step of the way, lift my own hand and hold it, until we open the lid of this joint. together.
This is my solemn promise.
Of course, I admit that my instruction is that the people present at the meeting should not only raise their hands, but also wave them side by side, which may seem extreme or even unreasonable to some.
But what they have to realize is that it is impossible for me to ask them, I, the most real rapper in 215, what they will personally refuse to give them.
This is a statement that I respect in words and deeds: When I ask people on the left and right to leave their seats, they will see that I have stood up myself, because I am a man of principle.
For every request that everyone in the House makes some noise, it will be my rantmixxxx!
\"This is the first and the biggest one.
Most importantly, believe that when I say \"hey\" it comes from the heart of a man who in many cases is entrusted to say \"ho \".
\"The lesson should be clear: I\'m not just the worst MC;
I\'m one of you.
If I direct you to bounce, I will bounce too.
If I ask you to lift your cup to the sky, my cup is already high.
While I can\'t claim to understand the exact nature of the female concert experience, know that I would never ask the ladies present to put their hands together if they knew they were good, if I don\'t believe in my heart, if I stand in their shoes, I will applaud myself with the greatest vitality --
After receiving such a decree, ass yourself.
What my fans have to understand is that I have been in their position many times before.
At venues such as Brick City, bounce room, or even 98 year Krunk Fest, when we had some pleading with some famous rhyming Masters together, I stood shoulder to shoulder with countless other party people, let them get up, let them get up, let them get up.
Yes, now it\'s me standing in the klieg lights and fog, but not long ago I was far from the stage and I fully believed the man with the microphone and believed that he would do what everyone needed to do, let the jam stop all night.
Now, I seek to continue this proud, fashionable tradition of driving this bitch out of the chain for the benefit of all.
But my colleague, DJ Dee
Lite and I can\'t go this way alone.
So, tonight, when the bass line is on, please rest assured that I will be responsible for waving my hand to all the people in front of me and falling down with my bad self as an example.
For honey in the front row, for fresh
Ass pimps who want to fuck tonight, even for Stones
Cold guys who need to relax and get weird, I will be their champion until the last time encore.
Because if the roof must be raised
I assure you that we will all agree with this once the rhythm drops --
I said let\'s bring it up as a whole.
Because we have to learn to be together as players or we will definitely be together as punkass busters.
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