\'i want to spruce up dk studios\'

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A few miles from Pune, nestled in the foothills of sinharga, the 90-acre land is filled with the spirit of making Maharashtra laugh.
This is Dada Kant.
There is a board outside reading dk Studio.
There is a huge studio with stage sound, cameras, lighting and makeup equipment.
Up the room just because Dada collects dust™The dream of building a huge studio in Pune has not been realized to some extent.
He is a visionary filmmaker.
He knows that one day, the city will need the same film and television shooting infrastructure as Mumbai, korhapur or Hyderabad
Vijay Kondke Da\'s eyes™My nephew and the administrator of the studio now.
The death of Dada Kant in March 14 left behind a series of disputes and lawsuits that will be five years.
Not only did his will become the focus of the debate, his book Ekta Jeev also received a ban.
I don\'t want to discuss anything that might be considered minor.
Judice, said Vijay, but what I want to do now is to decorate the studio again and open it up for movie and TV show producers.
Recalling the great time Dada had entrusted him with the production of all the films, vijay talked about his own director career Maherchi Sadi, one of the most popular box office in Marathi films.
After I made the film, I invited Dada to a private screening and his suggestion was that I cut off all the tearful moments and replaced them with songs and comedy.
However, I hold on to my position that when the film created a variety of records, he was the first to admit that his judgment was wrong, Vijay recalls, he now wants to go back to the camera and take a Marathi feature film.
Priorities have therefore been identified.
Vijay said: \"I will stay in Pune so far and get the studio back up.
For a filmmaker who enters Guinness World Records in the same language and type, keeping silent on the set can cause trouble for kondke™The spirit of no end. â€�huned.
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