i joined amateur comedians on stage and got insights into the power of laughter

by:Marslite     2019-09-17
The lights flashed brightly on my face and all I could identify was the shadow of the expected stranger, inviting me to make them laugh.
Comedy is a difficult problem to solve.
I want to admit to these people that as a wife and mother, my talent may be better suited to make others cry.
But it\'s too late now.
I\'m on stage for the first time.
In the daily life of comedy, I wander through all of my deepest fears and deficiencies, in my memory of growing up in an Indian family in Canada.
I was confused when I heard some laughter.
Thankfully, most people seem to think the eastern Indian accent is too much cooked.
Regina\'s revival music room is packed with people, and as friends and family gather to listen to the jokes of their loved ones, there is a intoxicating, joyful atmosphere in the air.
I\'m with comedy 101 students, this is a crash class standing
Comedy provided by Regina University.
Clown class: comedy class at Regina University offers a unique way to learn.
They are not all clowns.
Some people look quiet and introspective.
Others have a stronger sense of humor.
But they are all ordinary people. they have their own reasons to bring laughter to our lives.
With Kennya Bhimji, her set is focused on her unusual name, and the man on Tinder keeps using not-
From \"Hey kenaya/Can you (
Insert inappropriate sexual behavior)?
\"And Paula grasning, a suburban mom, apparently put her mouth red and tequila on her favorite list of things before the kids.
\"After all, there will be no children without lipstick and tequila,\" she joked . \".
Scott Simmonds explained to me that he joined the class after a series of dark moments.
\"I \'ve had some serious health problems over the past six years and had a series of surgeries, and I lost my father last year and I \'ve been having trouble dealing with it,\" he said . \".
When he saw an advertisement for a lifelong college class, he thought it was a good way to surpass himself. pity.
\"There are times when I don\'t think anything will help,\" he said . \".
\"But this class shows me the dark times, but there\'s always light, right?
\"The people in the Renaissance were gentle.
As local comedian Sean Koch said, they are dealing with comedy virgins, and it will be a bloody mess, as he said.
Some amateurs struggle to take that delicate route in order to laugh without offending others.
A couple of jokes are gender-discriminatory, vulgar or rude.
I asked the class teacher Darrell Lawler: can you really teach humor?
After a brief pause, Lawler said, \"No.
I don\'t think so.
\"But comedy classes are for those who want to laugh in life, and they have to learn the mechanics and rhythms of passing the punch line.
\"You have to have a sense of humor if you want to take this class,\" he said . \".
Performing comedy in front of 100 people may sound daunting
Plus people, but it\'s easy for the audience to accept, and all the comedians laugh in the stands --
\"Good Night,\" said Lawler.
\"Just like they climb Mount Everest, they feel that way when they\'re done.
\"The students seem to agree that they have gained something positive from this experience.
\"I just feel like I just hit a homerun,\" Simmonds said . \" He said the first time he took the stage with a microphone was \"incredible \".
\"Growing up, I never thought that girls from East India would be stars.
Now Mindy Kaling has broken into the door with chicken wings, while the YouTube sensation Lilly Singh has just been declared the new host of NBC\'s late-night talk show.
It\'s a new world, where comedians like Hannah ghazby and Hassan minhaji use humor to distort bias and make Netflix gold. Stand-
In 2018, \"the world up\" was shocked by a pair of comedians, why Hannah Gatby\'s Netflix special Nanette was a historic moment for comedyI, they decided that it was strange and different to follow some of my childhood fears and deficiencies, growing up in a family on an ordinary Saturday, singing Indian pious songs in public parks, pray that no one will see me and decide that I am a member of the cult.
An interesting thing happened in my daily life.
Every joke, I\'m kissing bad memories and insecurities and acknowledging how stupid it is to take anything other than life and death seriously.
When I heard a laugh or two, I realized that there might be an interesting person in me who apparently has gone through all the stress, anger and resentment.
Maybe not the same as I climbed Mount Everest.
Maybe it\'s more like getting to the top of Mission Hills.
Chair lift, of course-
When you laugh on it, realize that the scenery is not bad.
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