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hundreds support migrants at lights for liberty event in san antonio

by:Marslite     2019-10-16
Some sit in front and hold up the poster with the words \"make racism go wrong again\" and \"stop calling the child \".
\"Amens was called out to respond to the Speaker\'s statement that he was lying on the grass, not so rude, but wiping tears in the testimony of Maria Victoria de la Cruz, she talked about her fear of living as a undocumented immigrant.
All in all, hundreds of San Antonio activists gathered in the center of Travis Park to protest the conditions of detained immigrants, part of Friday\'s National Light of Freedom campaign, which also took place in the rest of the United States. S. cities.
\"I think some people are very quiet and think they are the only one who feels that way.
I want them to see that other people feel the same way, \"said Mary Esther escobi, sitting in a chair holding a sign, it says \"stop repeating history it doesn\'t work for the first time.
Former San Antonio mayor and housing minister Julian Castro, also a Democratic presidential candidate, spoke to the crowd along with state delegates.
Diego Bernal, MP Roberto Trevino and volunteers who provide humanitarian assistance to the city\'s migrants.
Just half a block from the rally, about 200 migrants are settling in the Travis Park Church, a shelter for the night, open later in the third month after the United StatesS.
The Customs and Border Protection Bureau began releasing tens of thousands of migrants at the border.
Another block is the city\'s Immigration Resource Center, which opens at the same time and provides food, clothes, toys, buses and air tickets to more than 23,000 refugeesseekers.
It is actively looking for volunteers.
\"I don\'t think I can believe this will happen,\" said Susan smelli . \" She wore a hat through the crowd and the hat said \"life is good\" but the shirt is not that spiritual
It cites the words of Canadian activist General Romero Antonius Dallaire, who tried to prevent genocide before the Rwanda genocide: \"No one is more human than others
\"I feel very helpless about what happened.
\"I want to express some support and also want to learn more about what else I can do,\" she said . \".
The mood was high during the rally. A few weeks ago, a group of lawyers and later Democratic lawmakers visited a detention center in Clint and said they found the children hungry and dirty again, malnutrition in crowded, dirty facilities and sometimes toilet water.
Shortly afterwards, the government\'s own investigators issued a report highlighting the allegations and undermining the dirty conditions of immigrants in the Rio Grande border patrol facility.
It referred to the facilities as \"severe overcrowding and prolonged detention \"--
So crowded, a group of immigrants were forced to stand in crowded cells for more than a week.
Castro spoke about his recent visit to the Florida home immigration facility, where more than 2,000 migrant children were taken by oneprofit company.
He stood on the ladder and looked at the Children. He was told that if he shouted loudly enough, maybe the children could hear him.
\"I was impressed when we shouted to support the information of the young children there, although sometimes it looked like your sympathy, the hope and support you provided, and he said: \"This is a drop in the bucket, and this is what I heard. \".
\"It does make a difference.
What it does mean. ”Around 9 p. m.
As the sun floated down from the buildings in the city center, all the speeches were over, and immigrants from Angola, Congo, Haiti and Honduras began to arrive at the Travis Park church.
The crowd turned to them, raised the candles high, and waved to them, as \"This Land Is Your Land\" was sung.
The crowd tentatively sang, \"when the sun is shining, I am strolling in the wheat field, waving dust clouds . \".
\"When the fog rises, the voice cries, and this land is made for you and me.
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