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hugh jackman injured at oprah show

by:Marslite     2019-09-26
Hugh Jackman injured his eyes as he entered Oprah Winfrey\'s Australian show.
Jackman took a flying fox from the sail of the Opera House, then hit the lighting on the top of the stage and hurt his eyes.
\"It was so interesting until the end,\" he joked . \".
Winfrey calls for ice
Bags and carers rushed to the stage to receive treatment for Jackman\'s injury.
When Winfrey entertained the crowd, the star was taken from the stage for treatment.
Soon after, Jackman returned to the stage with a small bandage and admitted that the excitement had put him on the brakes too late.
\"I wave to everyone and look at Sydney Harbour and see my dad, kids and you go pull the brakes and row,\" he told Winfrey . \".
Jackman then pulled up a lesson on vegetarian food for Opp, sprinkled some on the cookies, and gave it to the talk show queen.
\"I like it,\" she ate some more, and washed it off with a cup of Penford\'s eyebrow Hill.
Winfrey called himself Australia\'s new global ambassador.
The touted visit will bring a huge return to the country\'s image and tourist coffers.
Winfrey recorded episodes outside the United States for the first time in her 24 episodes. year history.
\"I have appointed myself as an unofficial ambassador to Australia, and I am the biggest mouth on Earth,\" she said before recording two stars --
Her show gathered in front of thousands of fans of Sydney\'s iconic new name Oprah House.
\"I know there is a lot of discussion and attention in the country about what this means for Australian tourism, and she told reporters that 6,000 fans are waiting for guests like Winfrey and rapper Jay.
Z and Bon Jovi came on stage.
Let me tell you--
She said: \"This is the truth: what can be done in the four-hour love festival in your country broadcast in 145 countries in the world, which is immeasurable . \" It refers to her legendary sales ability.
\"I like it. are you not happy ? \" Winfrey, whose recognition of books could spark mass sales, said that visiting Australia has always been her dream, and that she brought 302 loyal American viewers in the final year of the show, thank you.
After spending years in the spotlight, she said she had never seen anything like the reception she received in Australia ---
From the thousands of people who cheered Princess Diana in her 1980 s in Melbourne to the \"o\" that lights up Sydney Harbour Bridge during her stay \".
From dawn, crowds flocked to Sydney\'s harbor, hoping to see the superstar, many wearing hats and shirts bearing her name.
When Winfrey walked onto the stage in the hot midday sun, some people had tears in their eyes.
\"She\'s just an inspiration,\" she said . \"year-
Old Nicole Menzel from Melbourne for the event.
Australia spent $4 to $5 million to attract dialogue
A government minister said on Tuesday that the diva Down will be exposed, but experts said the exposure amount may exceed ten times that amount.
Of the 302 viewers she was with, about 200 have never left the United States before, and for them, holidays mean \"going to your brother,\" Winfrey said\"in-law\'s house\".
\"What I can be sure of is what will happen to people. . .
He never even thought about Australia and didn\'t know where it was. . .
\"I will plant the seeds in their hearts,\" she said . \".
The first show, filmed on the stage under the Opera House on Tuesday, features Australian flavor, with actor Russell Croy and family members of the late crocodile hunter Steve Owen appearing here.
The second show, which will be filmed late Tuesday by Winfrey\'s Harpo Productions, cost the company nearly $7 million on the trip and produced four episodes with 200 employees
Winfrey, 56, said her show was a wonderful phenomenon, but the end time has arrived, and while there will be \"ugly tears\" in the final recording, she did not
\"I really don\'t believe it will leave a hole in my heart,\" she said . \".
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